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Is there anything hotter? *NWS*

Discussion in 'The Richard Palmer NWS Section' started by Gixxer6, May 10, 2005.

  1. Here are some more.

    I have plenty more but they may offend somebody

  2. Just remember....

    Somebody somewhere is tired of her shit....

  3. fast_lcf

    fast_lcf Palouse Pirate

    cool f-ing pics. f what people think. as long as it is for fun. f them. :thefinge:
  4. The funniest thing is that besides maybe the top 2, I would bet money that NONE of those chics even know how to start a bike, let alone ride one!
  5. I thought that too.
    Here's my female opinion....the top one and the one w/ the yello bike are definitely the hottest. firedevil:
    The top one for all the right reasons (ie. she can probably ride and she looks naturally gorgeous) and the yellow/tire one is just a cool shot. The blue bikini one has a tummy and should NOT be wearing that outfit.

  6. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    what about the bottom one? it looks like the girl with the 996 got a lot of photoshop.
  7. I like that last picture. The GF didn't appreciate it though. I'm confused. :lol:
  8. Kal-El had the 'glove girl' as his background for his PSP until I saw it. We negotiated and came to an agreement on the issue. He got a good deal out of it. He said the chick is from Vancouver, WA.

  9. In my opinion, any chick can look good next to a bike, but when you can start it AND ride it, wow, that makes it pretty damn hot!! I Agree with you Lia, The first picture is hot. and even though the girl with the yellow bike prolly doesnt know anything, that is a pretty cool picture.
  10. Uhhhmmm...Yeah...I like those bikes too! LOL :D :D :D
  11. Is that bottom picture an opticle illusion or something? I swear I saw a motorcycle in that one at one point :D

  12. This is her site. This was one of the first chicks that I found online. She actually stunts and began all of it after modeling for, I think it was Fox....

    She's a hottie, but her friends that she has pics of stunting with her are actually even hotter.
  13. From my perspective and yes I'm the oldest guy around here so I suppose my views are probably jaded by time - I prefer the "real" women not the models - as since this is a motorcycle enthusiasts site I prefer women that ride bikes and are enthusiasts and are not "nip n tucked" perfect like most of those models are - as far as women go, I've ridden with Chelsea and you are great - a real enthusiast and attractive and fun to be with - and I've ridden with several other women and something about their riding skill and enthusiasm and wanting to improve technically and still having a little "testosterone" in them makes it all the more exciting - I hope we attract more women to the site and to the sport as they do add a little balance to it and some fun.

    as for firm tits and asses over time gravity does take it's toll - so enjoy it while you can - and remeber this - "beauty is only skin deep, but ugliness goes right down to the bone" - if you know what I mean -

    Still, I hope you enjoy the women on the Ducati's - they may be models but they are Italian models - something less silicone about them - and they are beautiful to boot - bonjourno!

  14. Man, there is something about Italian women.............