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It must be hard to get a CPL in Kirkland...

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by beansbaxter, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. It must be hard to get a CPL in Kirkland since there is only a 30 minute window. From their website:

  2. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    10:30-11:00AM, take 30 minutes? hahaha.

  3. I believe you can apply at any police/sheriff's station in the state..I believe that info from Kirkland to be misinformation, possibly anti on their part.. follow up and tell me if you actually go in there, I know 2nd amendment activists in high places in this state. Call around to other depts to find a friendly's an easy painless process if you have no disqualifying police record, and here in Thurston county they were polite and pro gun. Our Thurston county sheriff is a pro gunner..

    BTW they have to issue you the permit if you are not disqualified by a felony of some specified misdemeanor convictions!
  4. Blondie thinks you may be limited to applying in your county.. in that case contact the county sheriff!
  5. BTW, out of staters can apply for a WA non-resident lisc..! I believe you have to do it in person. You can apply anywhere in WA. Many other states will issue such to WA residents, Florida for instance will issue you one with a properly mailed in application but you have to have some sort of safety course first like "hunter's safety", NRA basic safety course, etc.. FL permit will give you carry privileges in 22 other's called "reciprocity".. see this site for more state by state CC info:
  6. Did You All Hear About The Biker Getting Shot In His Hand Outside Of Tacoma About 2 Weeks Ago?
  7. That Kind Of Word Dosent Make It To Canada Very Quick I Had To Hear About It From The Source
  8. jabstar17

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    There actually is a post somewhere on the board with alot of info on it.