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It was bound to happen...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. I know, I hear all of you say that it will eventually happen, and I say I refuse to let it, but today it did. It wasnt my fault, just minding my own business, when all of a sudden...

    I was in Spokane heading down one of the main streets on a one-way. I was in the far left-hand land going about 10mph on the ole 12 wearing full gear (jacket, helmet, gloves, boots), just cruising along. An SUV was sitting in the center lane and decided to turn and cut across two lanes to get into the restaraunt parking lot. The driver never saw my bike, and t-boned right into me.

    The most remarkable thing of this tragic event, I never fell off my bike. I hung onto the handlebars not willing to let old faithful hit the ground. She hit me very hard up front, and I was rattled just trying to hang on and ride out of it. So I did just that, took a huge hit that ripped the entire right side of my bike and drove up into the parking lot and parked. The SUV followed me into the lot and pulled over as well.

    Lady driver was all apologetic. I threw my gloves to the ground and screamed! I dont think I've ever been so shook up before. Talk about an adrenaline high raging within, it's truely unbelievable. Not just for the event itself, but the thoughts that six inches more or less could have been my right leg.

    She was willing to do whatever it took she said, and she knew she was in the wrong and it could have been much worse. I can distinctly remember the peace of the air and this sudden crash as we collide together.

    She had full coverage insurance with Progressive, called the Claims Department and told them that it was her fault and what happened. She had a passenger with her, whom also said it was her fault. Just to be on the safe side, I asked that she call the police to file a report so that I this in writing. Spokane city police officer came out and took statements from the three of us. They both said the driver was at fault, and I did nothing wrong.

    Officer gave me a collision report, and I contacted Progressive when I got home. Of all the people in the office, I got the same lady the driver had called and fully admitted it was her fault. She said it is of course the adjustor's decision when he looks at the bike and reads over the statements, but she sees no reason why they [Progressive] would not repair the motorcycle. So it appears at this point that the bike will be fixed.

    I bought a new turn signal for it and went to the dealer to have them do a visual inspection. I can still ride it he said, and they will do a claim estimate next week. Progressive will do one earlier the claim dept was saying. I just parked it in my garage, and took a ton of pictures of the bike on the ole digital camera for documentation. Now I begin this process...

    I'd like to take the money to fix the bike, and just fix it myself. The thing that sucks is I'm at the mercy of the claims adjustor to total the bike, when there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The big thing going against it is the high mileage which brings the valuization down on it, so we'll how the numbers all work out when it's all said and done. The messed up thing about the process is then my VIN number is dinged with a claim on it when it wasnt even my fault.

    So with all that said, I can still say I never wrecked or laid a bike down. I hung onto that bike like no other. I started riding motorcycles (Ninjas, in fact) back in 1996. So it's been nine years without incident. It was bound to happen I kept hearing, and well that is what happened to me.

    The crazy thing was I had no sense of paranoia when I got back on and drove off. But I cry everytime I look at the shambles my bike is in. But it could have been worse, that I know.
  2. HOLY CRAP!!!, at least you're alright man, as much as this sucks, just remember that you will have first dibbs at buying your bike back if it gets totalled, you buy it for cheap, fix it for even less and use your profits towards the new bike you're thinkin of buying. Anyway, at least you got your "one time" out of the way safely (kindof). Keep us posted on the condition of the 12. :cry:

  3. Damn Beans! Glad you are okay! So sorry to hear this happened to you :( While it sucks that your bike got hurt, at least you are dealing with an insured driver that admitted fault. It should make setting things right again so much easier.

    I've been t-boned twice by cars - both times in parking lots at low speeds and I too managed to keep the bike upright. The first time, the collision actually cracked part of the engine case, and the second time the damage consisted of a mangled pipe. I just counted my blessings that I didn't get hurt... those were my early street riding days nearly 20 years ago.

    As johnny-b said, even if they do total your bike, you will have the option of buying it back and fixing it yourself.

    Maybe this is the sign to get your duc ;)
    Again, glad you are okay!
  4. :shock: Glad you're alright! Always harrowing to hear tales like this. I wish people would actually check their blindspots, there are some people who drive with tunnel vision and it's terrifying.
  5. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin


    i'm glad you're alright and you didn't get hurt at all, and it's cool that the lady was awesome enough to admit it was her fault. more people should be like that. sucks about your baby, but think of it this way...

    usually they give you more money than you need to repair the bike (are they giving it directly to the shop?) and you've always got room to fully fix it and even get some extras...

    welcome to the world of the damaged, buddy.
  6. ugggg
  7. Yeah I told the officer at the scene that I felt ok, no need to goto the hospital. I think that was because I was so high off the adrenaline rush. Needless to say...after that rush came down, I checked myself into the emergency room last night where they drugged me up way too good and did x-rays and basically started the medical claim with the accident. Conclusion was some super-medical-techno-term for heavy strain on the thorasic back and in the neck. Been feeling lightheaded too with a bad case of the headaches. They gave me some prescriptions for some narcotic muscle relaxers and wants me to see a chiropractor this week.
  8. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    headaches are probably from shock, and be glad you're on muscle relaxants, otherwise you'd sore as shit.

    something like a crash can make you feel sore for a good couple days, even thought you didn't even get a scratch on you...
  9. Wow damn dude hope you recouperate alright
  10. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Like JohnnyB said, even if the bike is totalled you get the first chance at buying it back. When I got hit on my 99 katana (this was in 02) I ended up getting $4800 for it, which I felt was a damned fine deal for me as I had 33k miles on it and was starting to have mechanical difficulties.

    It's also good that you ended up going to the hospital. When I first got hit, it took me the majority of the day to finally get to the hospital and then it took 7 hours to get checked out due to an emergency that came in. I had nasty headaches for a couple of weeks and saw a therapists for a little bit as well.

    Just try to stay as relaxed as possible and let your lawyers do all the talking... Glad to hear you were able to drive out of this situation.

  11. Shitty that you wrecked...

    Lame that you didnt call the fire dept, I would have LOVED to have been there...

    Good that you got a claim...

    ITS FIGHTER TIME FOR THE 12~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Ill be available for all your modification needs.....

  12. cordodor

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    In the state of Washington, it's required by insurance companies that you get a police report. At least it is with cars as last week we had to deal with that down here in Pullman.

    Glad you're alright. Streetfighter would be tight...and cheaper too!
  13. Jafar

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    my friend Keith was telling me that in the state of washington hitting a motorcycle in a car is the same as hitting a bicycle or pedestrian... something like vehicular assault or something. technically, he said, you could charge her with that. he said something about it bettering the record on your vin or something... anyone know more about this?
  14. First off that really sucks man, but glad you're ok :lol: . You said you took a
    ton of pictures of the bike, so lets see them.
    I think that it is good for everyone to see pictures of this type
    to remind us that no matter your skill level this is real and can
    happen to any one of us at any time. Watching fred crunch his bike
    up under that suburban was an eye opener and I have pictures of his
    bike as well. :(
  15. Dealer's estimate to repair the ole, labor, and taxes totalled $5354.00.

    Insurance guy is gonna come out tomorrow to inspect the bike and take pics. Guess we'll see what happens...
  16. Sorry about your accident...but as we all know...anytime we can walk away from one we are lucky right off. Of course as you have experienced physical problems since the accident...things are not always what they appear to wait and see how that goes before thinking your alright!

    Good luck with the insurance adjuster and here's to hoping you can get back to riding as soon as possible!
  17. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    wheres the pics!!!!!!!???????
  18. Glad you didn't get hurt worse Bean.
    Now go out and pick up a new 12 .
    Hope your back out on the road again soon.
    Buz.. 8)
  19. I know of two brand new 2004 blue zx-10r's sitting in crates right now in the seattle region. my color, and prolly gonna be my next moto. and my 12 isnt going anywhere on top of that.