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It's almost time...

Discussion in 'Ellensburg' started by Afterparty, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. For the 2016 weekly meet & rides!
    We'll have to decide on a time, although it will probably take place at the Starbucks on University Ave.
    I've been riding all of this month, who's got their bikes out already?
    Seaver, Eric you guys still around?
  2. Yeah I'm around. My bike's out but I still need to redo my forks. I've been spending so much time in Seattle and out of town tho so I haven't been riding much. Unless you wanna go on a weekend ride, I won't be doing much between now and the first week of April.

    My car broke down late last year and I was riding my bike to Seattle. Think I put 3,000 miles on it in a couple months. Never skipped a beat, though. How's the Triumph running?

    You going to Idaho with us this year?

  3. Those forks still bleeding? Let's get those seals replaced. 3,000 miles in two months sounds pretty fun.
    I could go for a weekend ride, looks like it will be even warmer next week. My Daytona is well, ever since Seaver and I replaced the stator last year. Yeah I'll go to Idaho this year, where's the thread for that?