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Discussion in 'Central' started by MikeMc, May 17, 2005.

  1. What do you think of your mods?? SS lines, stablizer......
  2. The stabilizer is definately stiffer now but only at parking lot speeds. I'll let you know after this coming weekend. The ss lines look good and I just put on the new EBC pads...this bitch should stop on a fuckin dime now!!!

    That was fun messin with that chode on clearwater! We'll have to have round two next time. Keep your eyes open for another squid like him.

  3. That was funny as hell the way you and Jason were playing him. I will be on the look out for another one. I think James is better at finding them because he tends to attract them!!!
  4. it's true he does8)
  5. skinny_punk

    skinny_punk One Legged Rocket Rider

    Holy Old ass thread BatMan!!
  6. crackup:just trying to bump a classic8)