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JohnnyM on the track

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by late apex, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. So that's what Spokane looks like. It's so narrow, and the coned in chicanes look sketch as fuck.

  2. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Compared to what?

    The track was primarily configured for cars. The chicanes are added for speed/flow control for motorcycle safety.

  3. Yes it is; and yes they are.
  4. All of the westside tracks look like highways in comparison. The ridge is 40'.
    The chicanes seem like they make a narrow track even smaller. No thanks. I don't see how cars could pass each other on that track
  5. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    But they added bumpers! yay
  6. Deven

    Deven Dee-von White

    that track just looks... wow
  7. this track is more similar to our lake roads and some of our nice back roads... try it, you'll like it (track snob) :nana
  8. Go JohnnyM! Strong work. Cool looking track too.
  9. Wow, a track that makes PR look pretty damn good in comparison!

  10. Pr is a decent track, although it's the most dangerous one in the NW.
  11. The wide angle lens makes the track look pretty narrow. Much narrower than it actually is. On car track days you can easily fit two cars across with TONS of room to spare. I've been three-wide around T2 on a car track day, if that gives you any indication of the width. No, it's not the amazing 40' width of The Ridge, but it's not narrow either.

    On the positive side, the wide angle lens makes my butt look smaller.

    I think most racers would agree that Spokane is still a great track-day venue. The three scary places (to me anyway) are only sketchy at race pace with others at race pace. A poorly executed pass or being bumped at a bad moment are the main ways a person would get in to trouble. Running around at track-day pace with others is simply fun with no real sketch factor at all. That's just me though.

    The Spokane track isn't for everyone. But there are *so* many great corners on the track. If I moved to Seattle and had PR and TRMS in my back yard I would still make the trip over for Inland Speed days at Spokane. T2 with the elevation and camber change is one of my favorite corners anywhere. Wheeling over the crest of T3 at 130+ is always exciting. Late entry in to T4, with an immediate flop of the bike for T5 is epic fun. Even with the cone chicanes a modern 600cc bike should be hitting 145+ coming in to T1.
  12. valleybusa

    valleybusa Speakerphone Bandit

    yeah what dan said. cause i am not that articulate
  13. That filmed with the new camera? Forgot the brand already, but I sure want one.
  14. what the heck is with the white strips on the inside of the corners? haha weird
  15. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Those are the, "curbs."
    Kinda like giant rumble strips.

  16. i take it he didnt get the sarcasm.haha..just havnt been there in a while to experience curbing and cones...
  17. oh ya by the way...lookin good jonny
  18. Yeah, what he said.
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