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June 10-12: Pullman Visitors

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Trixie, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. So Cordodor and I are thinking about coming out that way. I have to come home & work on my condo in Bellevue, and swing thru Issaquah, show my mom that I have a bike (scary!!!) and roam around Seattle with it. Haven't brought it out to the city yet. ANYWAY! Looking forward to it....

    ....Thought it would be fun to meet up with a bunch of you for dinner or just hang out. Put a face to the name. Let me know what you think. I will be staying in Queen Anne, 5th & Roy, in the house next to SushiLand.... Good times will be had. Join us!
  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    there's a wmrra event that weekend at pacific raceways. would be a cool place to go meet AND watch some racing. the following monday, i have my track day...

    who's up to meet at pir that saturday?

  3. Let me know where you'll be on that Saturday- day & night... I'm probably free to get into some trouble. :twisted:
  4. Saturday I will definately be spending the evening in Belltown, and during the day... dunno yet, floating around the area. Do you have anything in mind?
  5. Depends on the weather... if it's a decent day, I say hit the beaches... but if not (overcast or something) then ride up to N. Cascades highway, or one of the passes... even a quick ride across the sound into the peninsula might be fun.

    But, if you want to stay in Seattle and not so worried about riding the bike... could just hang on capitol hill, or do the downtown thing...

    But that night, for sure hang in Belltown... keep me posted.
  6. While you're here be extra careful.. some really crazy cagers in Seattle and you may have forgotten all that..!
  7. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    i'm gonna be stayin in the Quah at my little brother's place. speaking of which i should call him and tell him that....

    okay, now that that's done... yeah, my brother works 8-5 on Saturday, so if anyone wants to ride Saturday, I'd be down for goin. Or, we could go to the track and chill and watch. whatever you guys are doin. I'm lookin forward to see how numb my rear end gets by the time I get to Seattle.

    Quick6, what route did you end up taking to get to Pullman last weekend?
  8. Alright, so here's my plan:

    Friday: We leave Pullman: 12-noon
    evening: will be spent in Issaquah with my mommy from Sammamish
    night: Seattle baby. Belltown and Queen Anne mostly... ooh maybe Alki

    Saturday: riding, visiting people, nothing really planned yet. If you guys have stuff planned, someone call me! I won't have my laptop.
    evening: a good dinner, maybe 10 Mercer, or Marjorie or something, Shit, Mistral if I can find someone you can handle it to go with me
    night: Partying it up in Seattle - again.

    Sunday: Say my goodbyes, get out the power tools, and buff up the bike and make her sexy, hit the track at noon, and head back to Pullman around 3pm.

    Soooo.... if anyone has free time and wants to ride, or intriduce themselves, I would love to put a face to a screenname, and see some sexy bikes, so
    CALL ME!!!! 425-891-4273
    Hope to finally meet some of you!!!