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June 10 Klickitat run

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Stringcheese, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. I want to head out to Klickitat this weekend. Sunday is looking decent weather wise. I'll be doing Cook-Underwood on the way out too so it won't be all slab to Lyle. So:

    Sunday June 10 meet at 4th Plain and 162nd Ave. at B ville.

    Meet time: 10am

    KSU: 10:30

    Expected pace is medium, we won't be breaking any land speed records but I do enjoy corners. :mrgreen: If you you're slower no big deal, we will wait at every stop and turn so no one gets left behind. If you're faster go have fun!

    Plan on about a 250 mile day. Probably put us back in fabulous Vantucky at about 4:30 or 5. One gas stop in White Salmon, another in Glenwood and lunch if all are agreeable in Glenwood. First time on this run this year so should be interesting.

  2. I have done this ride seven times already. The roads are in good shape. Don't miss the "Appleton Raceway!"
  3. Stringcheese,

    You might already have this in mind, but I see riders pass it up all the time so I figured I'd make the suggestion.

    If you head east from Bingen/White Salmon on SR 14, think about taking "Old Highway 8" into Lyle. It gets you off the slab and into some fun twisties.

    You catch it at the west end of Courtney Lake (which is NOT at Courtney Rd- its about a mile or two past there). It brings you down to SR 14 in Lyle on the west side of the Klickitat River.

    Also, you have non-ethonal gas at the Hatt's gas station in Bingen and at the small station in Lyle.

    Have fun.
  4. :mfclap:

    +1 :ninja:
  5. If you mean Canyon Road, that is right round the corner from my house. Last weekend we had close call with a bunch riding downhill as we rode uphill(N)

    Both packs were 'encroaching' across the center of a set of sharp apexes and it was a bit dicey...Be careful out there...

    greenchai:and...try to not 'blitz' the local Cagers as you ride....Some of my neighbors HAVE mentioned rude and agressive riding by sportbikers is beginning to piss them off...This is 'dueling banjos' country around never know exactly how some of these 'locals' may decide to react if you really piss them off or startle them as you blast past their revered '79 Camaro.....
  6. I always try to be respectful of the locals on publically posted rides. We'll have a good time, but there's no need to piss people off on one of my favorite sections of this route.
  7. :secret:

    young enough to still have fun, old enough to know how to do it without ruining it for everybody...

  8. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

  9. Nice.

  10. PM me directions on how to get there. I'll be coming from the Everett area. I'll be going at a slow or lesiure pace so don't expect me to be knee dragging or anything. But I'd like to start getting out. I don't really care where.
  11. You're welcome to come, but if you're coming from Everett you're about 200 miles from the start point...that'll be a very long day.
  12. That's why he's too dizzy. . .
  13. I kinda smushed my right hand a little at work... I've got it packed in ice right now, but I think I'm gonna have to run sweep.
    :rant :angry7:
  14. Sounds interesting! Any gravel roads involved?
  15. Well that blows.

    Nope. Come on out!
  16. Damn...wanna go, but can't. You guys have fun!
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