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June 12th (Sunday) ride

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Skier, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. I hear people want to get some miles in, so, weather permitting, how does Rattlesnake Grade sound? We cna make an easy day by heading down the Grade and into Enterprise, Oregon.

    Let's say 10 AM at Tesoro?
  2. i will plan on it!!! weather forcasts keep changing for sun but hopefully it will be splendifferous!

  3. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    I'll be there. However Trixie said that Oregeon 5-0 are real sticklers for having insurance...
  4. I've done the Rattlesnake Grade run a couple of times so far this year and never saw any cops after topping out after Asotin on the Anatone Grade. Skier and I along with a few others went up the Buford Grade past Bogans and stopped at the top...just in Oregon and came back as it was getting late and again...on the way cops. Hopefully if we do this route it'll be the same again.
  5. Sounds a little punishing but unless a ride pops up in spokane, Ill try to bring the princess down for it.

  6. If nobody shows up, I'm gonna have to start breaking legs... :twisted:
  7. Your always welcome in spokane if you need some partners in crime...

  8. Maybe just some partners. I honestly don't need any more encounters with the donutfiends.
  9. Is this ride still on? I can't guarantee a 1000 show but will hopefully make it. It depends if the kids mother shows up like I asked her to. If I don't make it sorry. you can call me in the morning if I don't to see when I might be able to make it if only a couple show and y'all wouldn't mind waiting. Should be able to get out by noon at latest. 509-332-3214
  10. I am also thinking of pushing it back. I don't want to have to leave Cheney at about 8 am nursing a hangover.

    10:30, maybe?
  11. somethings came up, VERY last minute tonight and not thinking I am going to make it unfortunately I REALLY wanted to make this ride. Maybe in another week or two.
  12. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    I'll be at tesoro @ 10:30, I'll wait until around 11ish...
  13. Hey those of us up north are meeting at 930 at camp, give me a call if you dont round up a ride and we will meet ya somewhere

  14. It's 9:45 right now, gonna get some liquid in me, top off the Rad's fluids and try to be at Tesoro by 10:20 or so.
  15. Where was everyone? I showed up at about 10:30, only my buddy Andrew was there and he was there since 10:10. No whistle clean, no Schwaa, not tequilabob, etc... Did meet Tod, up from Lewiston on his wife's Haybusa and hung out with him a bit. Looking forward to riding more with him. 8)
  16. Very sorry I couldn't make it like I said things came up. I REALLY wanted to ride today. I will be out of town this weekend for my son's b-day (taking him to our home town to celebrate with family). Hopefully some time during the week or something I can make a short ride though.
  17. Yeah, wasn't counting on you coming, but you said you might, so I thought I could at least guilt trip ya some. ;)

    We can get some riding in later: starting the weekend after next, I should be free every weekend. And hopefully have a new bike!
  18. So did you guys get to the Rattlesnake Grade?

    We did "domestic" things all day Sunday and later in the afternoon I got to head out for a ride out to Colfax, Palouse, Moscow and home.
  19. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    Ooops. Set my alarm for 10. I just got off working a double, but usually I can get up after a few hours of sleep. My bad man, hope the ride went well.
  20. All I know is I had a lot of fun anyways. It was great to meet a couple of down to earth riders that were into having fun and not into trying to off themselves on a motorcycle. We did some hill carving and coast racing on the way back down. There just isn't much more hillarious than drafting at 25 mph hehe. We also had one heck of a breakfast at 1:30 in the afternoon.
    Thanks for the ride guys!