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Just a thought

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Beerbohm, May 3, 2005.

  1. The following is just a simple guys thoughts.
    I have been listening to and reading. It seems that people have many opinions on how other people should ride their bikes. I have been riding with many different people from the bran new dropping there bike before they have ever even turned the engine to the slow 2mph oops and the T-boning of a car at 50mph to the guy sliding into the guard rail at 100+, to my friend who is now dead. I have had people yell at me because I passed 3 cars while doing 45mph and they were only doing 30mph (posted speed limit 45mph). I have also had people give me high 5’s for doing a wheelie at 100mph. What did I do in both situations? I simply smiled and nodded. I have been in a few crashes’s 1 complety my fault the other not my fault but both hurt like hell and much was learned. When I first started riding the best advice that I have received was “ride like you’re a ghost because people wont see you” and “always ride within your own ability”. So when I hear of some peoples saying you should never do a wheelie in front of a house or down the “busiest street in Spokane” and then make fun of somebody because they have one of the fastest bikes in Spokane but only do the speed limit, “I can’t believe he/she is riding in shorts and thongs”, I can’t believe he is going that fast with her on back, did he just do a wheelie with a passenger he is stupid ect… It all kind of makes me laugh. Now ask yourself why did you buy a motorcycle that is able to go from 0-100 faster then fatty Paul sits in a chair? Why did you buy a motorcycle that can scrape your knees in a corner like me begging for Paul’s forgiveness. Why did you buy a bike with a nickname Crotch Rocket? Any one ever see horseback riders in the country? Or a car coming around a corner in the twisties. Hell I hit a bird the other day (yep its dead better call peda). Should we stop at green lights and wave to the car to make sure he sees us? Should they govern our bikes to max speed of freeway speed? Should we all put wheelie bars on our bikes so the front tire is always on the ground. There will always be people talking about “those punk kids on those crotch rockets” and “how unsafe they all are”. Kind of like most of us making fun of “those punk kids and there cars”. Some things probably will not change. People will always hate people.
    People that ride crotch rockets, and do one of the following
    1.Go Fast 2.Go the speed limit 3.Stop correct 4. Stop with one wheel in the air 5. Wheelie 6. Keep both on the ground 7.take corners fast 8. Take corners slow 9. Stunt 10. Don’t Stunt, or ride their bike any way but the way you say they should for whatever reason.
    If you do any of the above you may have somebody complain or talk trash to you. My recommendation Smile and Node.
    Now don’t get me wrong on this and think that I am suggesting we all go and do wheelies through the elementary schools, run red lights, and be completely unsafe. Safety is first so we should all sell our death machines and buy Cars made out of nurf material.
    In all seriousness we need to respect each other and his and hers opinions, be safe with each other and learn to ride with UNITY.
    If you are out riding with a group of people and somebody does something you deem dangerous you can either go home, or wait till the ride stops approach them respectfully and give them your thoughts on there actions with a cool head. If that does not work you could just keep your distance from them. And holey crap if that does not work go stand in the corner and suck your thumb.
  2. Pretty much. I think the key is to ride with those you are comfortable with for whatever reason. People talk trash, thats life. And friends always talk the most trash about each other, face to face. :boxing:

  3. It's human nature to complain, no ones happy unless they can complain about "something." Ultimately, ride the way you feel comfortable with. And eventually you'll meet people with the same ridding style and that's who you'll end up ridding the most with.

    Good Luck and try not to take the drama to serious, I think for the most part people just like to talk.... including me. :lol:
  4. You ready for a little secret?

    This is an internet forum. The concept of an internet forum is to talk. Most people in bike/car culture have their own very biased opinion on how to ride. We place our opinions out there and this causes conversation and controversy. We then reveal both sides of the issue, and those who read it can formulate their own opinion. Much like a political debate, we show two very opposed views and people enjoy the talk, then take their own stance somewhere generally between the two. Bearing in mind that about 50% is in gest and messing with people (83% of statistics are made up on the spot), we also toy with others to have a little fun. Especially those of us who have been riding together for a while now, and the whole R2X/SA deal adds an element of antagonism that we like to dig into from time to time. As most can attest to, Ive ridden with a fair number of the eastside forum people with both R2X and SA, as well as on my own. I have very forthright opinions on safety and not drawing the police because im sick of getting nicked. Im in no way saying im the safest rider out there either (100+mph rally with huston through the reservation yesterday DEFINITELY didnt indicate that), but I do speak my mind as anyone should.

    Keep a sense of humor, cause a little banter, have some fun with this thing! All we are trying to do is ride together, have a little talk, and do our respective thing...

    Oh yeah, and I didnt hear from ya yesterday, still prob gonna ride today if your in...

  5. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    I'll admit that i've offended plenty of people with the way I ride. A mechanic at Seattle Cycle Center was test driving a bike and saw me on the highway, he pulled up next to me and said never to bring the bike to his shop, he'd never work on it. Happends that i was taking the bike there for a friend that very moment.

    My rule is that since i know i offend people, but don't think anyone has the right to decide how i should or shouldn't ride, i choose never to be offended by the way others ride, and i choose not to be offended by what others say about the way i ride--i figure i'll always offend people, i just gotta make the best of it.
  6. I was just wondering what started this thred or topic?
  7. I tend to ride at different levels. I'd like to say I'm a sensible rider, and probably one of the safest out there...unless I'm riding with Jafar. The two of us together in Seattle and it should be a crime to pair us up like that. Do we offend people? Yeah, you betcha! I know the risk and I'm happy with that.

    I agree with Beerbohm...we need to ride safe with one another in unity, smile and nod, and call it all good.

    But if you see a red 900ss Ducati and a blue ZX-12R on the Seattle interstate....well, you've been warned!

    I dont know how many times I say it, there is a time and place for everything... :beatdead:
  8. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    Want to agree and conform...but...still...confused...

    So are you saying....

    1. When we ride together we should agree to a standard of riding and adhere to it, but other than that, free reign?

    Or are you saying...

    2. Everybody should be free to do whatever whenever and we should all learn to accept it?

    Or did I just miss the point...
  9. To me the point is I will ride however I want and someone doesn't like it then don't ride with me. :salute:

    That being said I am probably one of the mellower guys out there. :hiding:
  10. I think we're mistaken if we think we can change the way squids ride. It's unfortunate that because some STUPID riders go flying up streets, the cops see me and follow me or pull me over. Or maybe its cause they like my bike? Anyway, I don't care about wheelies, speed, as long as it doesn't encourage the idea that all sportbikes are owned by 16year olds kids doing dumb things trying to show off.

    This is one of those topics that will never be settled. Some people ride to ride...others like to ride so they can "look cool", at least that's how I view it.

    P.S. Disagreement is a good thing, it keeps things interesting
  11. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Well, HEY!!!! What if you ride to do BOTH!!!!!!!??????
  12. you can Jabstar17 just make sure that you wear your A$$less chaps and your man thong when trying to look cool :shock:
  13. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    What do I want to wair chaps for, I'll go naked!!!!!!
  14. OH YOU A DIRTY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. If I can find it, their is a video of of a guy ridding naked and... he dumps it.... or is it two people and the passenger falls off... I can't remember, but I'll find it.
  16. Hell Beerbohm I resemble over half those remarks......Am I offended ?? YEAH wait no.....let me think about it
    I am the 2mph tipper....i do slow corners...but dammit sweetness i am riding so there. :happy10: :thefinge: :fart:
  17. My post has nothing to do with r2x or S.A. it has to do with others thinking that they are better then evey body else and that people should ride 1 way all the time no matter what. Yes Alstar was the one doing the 2mph tip over, I was the one who tboned a car at 50 (not my fault) the other crash was when I saw red and blue lights behind me and thought that I could out run motorola (that was 12 years ago). And like I said I learned much. And btw I tiped mine over today :oops:
    My point was that there is all sorts of riders out there and they all have different skill levels and different levels of motorcycle etiquette. As for my level I have know idea were I am at bad good or great I ride the way I want to ride right then. Now when it comes to the hole group going for a ride yes I agree that we should all hold back and obay all the laws and have much respect for all around us. But when it is not a group sanctioned ride my opionion ride the way YOU feel it is safe. I know what I feel is safe others might get all pissy with me but I know for the most part it will be safe when I decided to show boat. And if I get a ticket for being a dumb a$$ all I ask is that all of you help me out and pay the ticket or bail me out of jail is that asking to much? And if I wreck my bike I think it is your responsability to pay for my actions. And if your not going to do that then I guess I will have to hold myself accountable for my own actions.
  18. The best way to learn your limits is to go to the track or go to a riding school. It's the best money I think I ever invested on "training" myself to be a "better" rider.

    ...that doesn't always mean I'm the smartest though... :lol:
  19. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    i can't tell if you're serious... if you are, wtf, dumbass? ARE YOU SERIOUS?
  20. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    I'm leaning towards the sarcasm part...but even I'm not 100% sure.