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Just another chick on a motorcycle! ;)

Discussion in 'New Users' started by Scytale, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. It took a lot of dreaming and wishing, spending bunches of money, and breaking up with my fiance...but I finally got to fulfill my fantasy of owning and riding a motorcycle!
    I used to ride with my dad when I was 3 years old, holding onto the handlebars, sans helmet or any protective gear, and I still remember that jolt of excitement when that little green Kawasaki took off...and ever since then, well, I wanted to feel that jolt again...
    I took the MSF course in April and after taking the re-test, I passed with 98/100 on my score. I was literally jumping up and down I was so excited! I had my sights on a Suzuki GS 500f and spent countless hours perusing the ads looking for one. Then a friend steered me towards a previously unthought of option...
    So, on July 13th, I purchased my 2003 Suzuki Bandit 600s...without even a test ride, thanks to a broken finger from a bicycle accident two days prior...and we brought her home. I obviously couldn't ride for a couple weeks, but once I had the gear and my finger healed up, I was on her...slow, steady runs up and down the driveway. Eventually making it around an easy 5 mile loop on bare, country roads. And on the third trip around, I did the obligatory first drop...a typical newbie mistake...I gave it too much throttle, lost control, panicked and grabbed the front brake. Low-sided and slipped off the bike while she ended up in a field...broken turn signal, bent rear brake lever, dented fairing, and her first serious scratches...I came out pretty much unscathed except for a busted up wrist. And some pretty kick ass bruises.
    But I got back on and started riding...further and further each time. And I'm loving every mile of it...I've commuted with my bike and taken some fairly long country rides with her. And when I come home from a ride, I'm refreshed and exhillarated. My mind has been swipped clean of all the negative crap that gets stored up there and I'm left wishing the sun will be out the next day so I can go again. This sport has magical powers. All I can think of is why the hell did I wait so long to get into it?
  2. All I got out of this was that you are single? Ya-ya!

  3. You should contact Melbs5150 immediately.
  4. Juilin

    Juilin Captain Pubic

    Hey, I got divorced before I owned a motorcycle. Maybe we can form a club?! Welcome to the forum. :)
  5. Welcome to the forum, ignore the leg humpers, there is some great information here, and congrats on the fulfillment of your dream. :)
  6. It was either man or machine...
    I think I made the right choice!
  7. crackup:
  8. Welcome.

    Glad you kept at it despite the low side. Keep at it and take as many classes as you can. When you are ready for the ART class take it. It is well worth taking a day off work.
  9. Welcome to the craziness that is PNWriders........I knew in short time you would joint up for the mayhem and fun..... :evil4:

    BTW: I am the friend that test rode and brought the bike home for her. I've always had a fancy for the air/oil cooled Suzuki engines since I raced one back in the day.
  10. welcome: to PNW! Grab some :popcorn:, sit back, and enjoy the madness!
  11. Welcome and enjoy the thats not right. Obsession! still not right....:scratchea.... .... ......ADDICTION!!!! THATS IT! :mrgreen:

    Again Welcome!
  12. Welcome to the insanity!

    Gratz on the new ride!

    Always ride your own ride, and have a blast!

  13. grats on the bike, be careful out there!
  14. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    Very nice bike, was impressed with your passion for the sport. Most folks here share the same enthusiasm. Please be extra cautious if you ride in the wet, as stopping/emergency maneuvers are greatly dimished...AJ
  15. got your lay out of the way...errr.....WELCOME !! I got a Harley and got divorced and got a Buell 1125r LOL
  16. Welcome to the zany world of the PNWR and to the world of 2 wheel fun :mrgreen:
  17. Really Brent you told her about this crazy place? Did you give her adequate warning?

    Welcome to the forum Katie...take everything with a grain of salt around here and stop out for a coffee or bike night.
  18. Dittos on the mid swipe. Beats therapy any day!
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