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Just signed up... From South Seattle

Discussion in 'New Users' started by absurD, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Hello

    Just signed up to see what the moto people are up to in and around the area. Lived here about 8 years now, the few riders I've known have left the area. Moved here from NC by way of Las Vegas, long story... Build/ride old and modern bikes among other mechanical interests. Ride a couple different sets of two wheels, not at the same time unfortunately. Whiskey and tunes keep me going through these dark, cold months in the garage. Otherwise I'm a working sucker like everyone else. Who's out there?
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  2. PNWAdmin

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    Welcome to the community!

  3. Welcome back, I just signed up as well. Grew up here but moved away for several years, moved back on 02, away again in 07, and back again in 2015. Picked up a couple of street bikes after moving back and just now getting back into riding off road, trails.

    I may be getting old but I am not giving up. lol
  4. I have been here for only 3 months , from Colorado. So far have met a couple of nice fellow riders. DR 650 with fcr pumper carb, 2013 Honda crf 250 L, 2016 Honda Africa twin. exploring the area when I can.......Olympia here