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K&N filter

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Beerbohm, May 30, 2005.

  1. Who here has a K&N filer and how often would you recomend cleaning it? I have had mine in for over a year should I clean it. I just rolled to 9000 miles today let me know what you think.
  2. When I have used K&N filters in my other vehicals I would usually inspect it every 8000-10,000 miles. the best way to do this is tap the filter against a wall this will clean off any loose dirt, then see if the filter needs to be blown out or washed.

  3. Im on the every other oil change plan on the triumph. Ive never tapped shook or blown it out, just put in the K&N filter cleaner, hose it out, let it dry in the sun for a few hours, then reoil LIGHTLY and put it in, never had an issue.

  4. I just got my K&N in my bike last week so I can't really tell you how often but I would think that your due. I don't think you are suspose to blow the filter out are you? I think you are just suspose to wash it with the right solutions.
  5. cordodor

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    i have a kn filter, and i just throw mine away every time. wait, i'm talking about a k&n oil filter...
  6. K & N sells a cleaning and re-oil kit.. I highly recommend using that and no alternate solutions/oil..
  7. I have always used hot soapy water. Soak and slosh around, then rinse with hot water. A test of true love is to attempt this in the kitchen sink. Shake it dry, or let air dry afterwards. Blow it gently (low psi) if you are in a hurry. Always reoil. K&N spray on filter lube is worth it. Clean yearly as a minimum. More frequently in dusty conditions. If it wasn't oiled properly it will seem clean but your engine is getting dusted.
  8. local radio (hosts a sat morning call in car questions talk show) guy a few months back was talking about K&N filters...he cleans them with the cleaner then sprays 409 on it and runs it through the dishwasher...then let dry and oil. Me being curious and lazy (mostly lazy) tried this and let me tell you it works great. I inspected the filter carefully after the dishwasher treatment and didn't notice any damage at all...I oiled it and it looked as good as the day i bought it....just my $.02
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