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Katana Rider

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Marvaduke, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. I am also in the market for a new bike and for the last few days I have been stuck between the GSX-1000 and the HAYABUSA. I talked to a guy from this site name Paul and he has a GSX-1000 '05, but now I'm trying to see if there are any "BUSA" Riders in the house to shed some light on that side of the house
  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    did you sort of imply that you just started on your katana?

  3. Both bikes are great for speed but the 1k will be better in the twisties than the busa. There is a reason they race the 1k and not busa. For me neither are newbie riders, not saying that you are. But if you are thinking about stepping up comsider a modern 600 or even the new gixxer 750 before making a jump to a 1k or busa. A rider will progress faster and become a way better rider on a smaller bike than they will on bigger heavier bike.

    Now with that said this is taken from a guy I know on another board who wrote it to someone who is thinking about swithching to a busa after having 2 months and 800 miles under his belt on an 11 yr old zx600 and thinks he is ready for the jump:shock:
    The busa is not a bike to pussy foot around with cause it will kick your ass if you don't treat it right.
  4. Wow. I have over 3,000 miles on my Radian and I am quite ansty about even going up to a 600cc sportsbike. Modern 600cc bikes have an insane amount of zip to them. I honestly don't see why someone would need anything more for street use - you simply cannot open the throttle in any gear without breaking quite a few laws!

    Just my $0.02...
  5. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    The torque is key on those bigger bikes. my R6 makes like 46 lb ft of torque, so i'm switchin gears a big more than someone w/ a liter bike would. Things like that make it nice to ride a bigger bike.
  6. There is nothing a newish 600 cant do that a liter can (other than 165+). no need to go for the muscle unless its an ego, competition, or skill issue...

  7. Not true Fighterama,im 275 lbs a 600 does have the power to push my fat a$$ around.SIZE MATTERS when ur a big!!
  8. power commander, full system, degree the cams....

    down one up front, up two in the back....

    Lower the clips, up the oil wt in the front, up a bit of preload and a revalve in the back....

    Guarantee that 600 will hang with any bike, given someone with skill...

  9. How much would all that cost??
  10. Could do it for a grand if your careful with your money and get the right parts at the right time

  11. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    or take that grand and take track school instead of depending on the bike's performance so much...
  12. what kind of a full system would you recomend for this $1000 project?
  13. Anecdotally, know a rider locally that bought a full D&D for $250, ebay is a wonderful thing....