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Keep both eyes open - short vid

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by kornflakez, May 1, 2012.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! Cool video!

    Bike sounds great!

  2. The only reason either of those happened was because you were speeding. I don't think either of those vehicles did anything wrong.
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  3. I think he meant it as a friendly reminder to be aware, I don't think he said that it was the other vehicles fault.
  4. Korn, where was this filmed?
  5. Ridning on backroads, its tempting and easy and do-able to speed, but the speed wasn't that great. It's being aware of your surroundings and under control that made that a laughable experience. Kudos to keeping it on two wheels, ride to arrive alive me bruthas..thanx for sharing. You're neve too old to learn :mfclap:
  6. There's always one in every crowd.
  7. First one was Bull Run the other day, and the truck vid was S Hattan rd near the Carver bridge
  8. Backing around a corner is NOT legal. But again not the point of the video
  9. Gotcha! Kind of thought that may have been the point, but just ignored that because hey, it's the internet! :)
  10. Exactly.

    I got the cam(s) for entertainment value, and maybe make some cool edits.

    As a general rule, I don't pull out the "experience" card. And for sure, I'm not immune to wrecking. I know this as well as anyone out there. All my major scars are from 2 wheels.

    But, I've been on 2 wheels since 1974, and on the street since 1987. I'm well aware of the speed limits, the dangers, and my abilities. To some, I'm a hooligan, to others, I'm too slow. To me, I'm just right. And that's all that counts.
  11. Situational awareness
  12. Good message, thanks!

    Shiny side still up,
    Rubber side still down,
    Moment to laugh at a big yellow truck,
    Gotta be safely riding through town.
  13. Looks like you were doing about 77? In a 50, 55?

    Slow it down a little and you'll have less surprises around the next corner. Next time don't film yourself while breaking the law. With that video, if either of those vehicles had been hit by you, it wouldn't take much of a lawyer to get the blame put on you. When turning onto a highway, you aren't expected to anticipate a vehicle traveling at 22 mph over the limit. I'm no saint either, but a road with multiple driveways on either side isn't exactly my choice of an area do that kind of riding.

    Having good situational awareness doesn't stop at knowing your surroundings and paying attention to the actions of others. It also includes paying attention to your own actions and knowing when to check your ego. If you want to get your adrenaline fix, take it to the track. It will make the street seem tame and boring.

  14. Well said..

    not everyone needs a lecture from the professional PNW postwhores.. ride at a pace your comfortable with. To some I'm slow.. and to others I'm fast. For me I'm just riding at a pace that is comfortable... lol

  15. Let's say I blur out the speedo, or crop the video. All you armchair intertoobers would be singing a different tune. You'd all be talking about how the cars are jerks, or something along those lines. YES you would! I've posted vids in the past (not here), and this is exactly what happens. No one says a word about the speed!

    I didn't post the video to get into a debate or an argument (this thread is tame compared to where I posted it on reddit), I only posted because it was entertaining, and a reminder to be careful. That's it. I honestly never thought that people would freak out over it. Dumb mistake on my part for not remembering it's the INTERNET haha

    I've been to the track. I love the track. The track is where I push myself. The street is where I ride comfortably within my limit. That limit is usually higher than that of the average "internet" rider. Not being cocky, just stating the truth.

    I ride with the flow of traffic on the freeway, I use my turn signals, I stay out of people's blind spots, and I keep a generous gap in front of me. I'm mainly a mild-mannered rider. Of course, no one is going to watch a video of proper use of the turn signal, are they?

    I have a clean record. I've never been pulled over (on this bike). I ride within my limit. Now, if I were typing this as my teenage self, that was a whole other ballgame. Then again there were no helmet cams or internet, so that was probably a good thing :)
  16. You, sir, are a scholar AND a gentleman. Internet high five! :mfclap:
  17. Looked like a drive way? Is it illegal to back out of one's driveway?
  18. She was coming towards us, pulled in the driveway, and then started backing out to turn around.

    Fortunately, I saw her up there (GoPros suck for distances, so she's hard to see), and knew that she may do something like this.
  19. yeah... because you ALWAYS do the speed limit, riiiigghhttttttt.
    :tard: :roll:

    (oh and btw, you missed the point)
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