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Krispy Kreme

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by MurderedAsRx, May 17, 2012.

  1. Just heard south hill krispy kreme is closed down? confirm or deny anyone. where will we have bike meet ups!?!?!
  2. i heard about a year ago it will be turning into a panara bread...but thats all i heard

  3. That would be a BIG Panera bread. They are poppular tho, and KK has been on the decline since their glazed goodness has lost it's "new car" smell.
  4. so go back there and glaze some more donuts :nana
  5. They are closing because the glaze went from sugar to protein.:shock:
  6. Looks like what i heard was right... drove by today all closed up with a panera bread soon sign out front
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  7. Maybe this should be moved into the "ask a LEO" section? :mrgreen: lol kidding for any LEO's that see this crackup:
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  8. erickb

    erickb Mr. PNW Riders 2007

    :angry7: :angry7: :angry7: :angry7: :angry7: :angry7: :angry7: :angry7:

    That is where DJ and Eric had some issues with slick roads in Jan (years ago) and another rider had his stearing damper expload, all while I was on my RS50 tearing up South Hill
  9. crackup:
  10. It's for sure true. I work at the starbucks across the street and it closed down last Saturday and there's supposed to be a Panera Bread in by late summer. Also, as far as Panera's go that wouldn't be that big of one.
  11. Its ok everyone...You can all drive to TACOMA and eat your (CRACK) donuts cause thats how we roll in T-Town
  12. Fixed.



    Somebody green dot this dude for me!
  14. already did crackup:
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