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KTM RC390 - Buying A New Bike, thoughts? Other Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Parallelism09191989, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Good evening guys,

    Riding season is almost upon us and I've saved up some money. I'm interested in riding again. The bike I started with was a 250 Ninja. I'm interested in buying a bike and I have my sights set on KTM RC390. If anybody has any experience with the bike, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Would you recommend it?

    If anybody has other suggestions for bikes to look at, I'd definitely be interested to hear them.

    The highest I'd like to go up is a 650cc, so please keep suggestions below that if you have any. I felt very comfortable on a 250, but near the end, I've wanted more power.

    3 years riding experience, 6-5' male, 28 years old

    PS- Looking to buy a 2017 at the oldest, preferably 2018. Wouldn't mind buying from a dealership, but I'm afraid the tires are slick and I would need to research that.
  2. Test ride one if you can. I went and rode the RC390 and the Yamaha R3. Bought the R3. Kind of depends on what you are looking for and what you can tolerate as far as position/vibration/comfort features.
    I will be looking at the Royal Enfield 650 Twins that should be coming to the US in the next few months. Not the most HP but plenty for the freeways.
    I raced and street rode 250 Ninja's and was comfortable with them on the freeway but found them a little lacking on steeper hills. The Yamaha R3 is just enough more and very refined. I also have a VStrom 1000 so not all of my bikes are small displacement. The one that gets ridden the most these days is my Yamaha TMAX 530 scooter! I LOVE that thing!