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Lane Splitting Alert/Info Video for WA and OR

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Diva, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. LANE SPLITTING ALERT: PLEASE SHARE with all of your friends, especially your non-riding friends. This is for the lane-sharing bills in both Oregon and Washington, where these bills are before committees. PLEASE HELP EDUCATE THE PUBLIC! SHARE THIS INFORMATIVE VIDEO MADE IN THE PNW! (credit: hfogsrides)
    Btw, I learned how to ride lane splitting in Japan and felt very safe doing it as a newbie.

  2. The bill is getting tossed because Washington wants to do their own research instead of using the UC Berkley study before they introduce splitting here

    I spent a half hour on the phone with the lady who is shooting the bill down

  3. Stu who is that Judy Clibborn ?

  4. I think... someone had posted a number so I called it and basically went off... They refuse to listen. 100%. They will come around in 5-10 years when someone they know is 'certified' to record the data (gotta keep your friends paid too) and they can find another way to tax all your asses some more
  5. It's a way to stop lane splitting without coming out against lane splitting. Just say we aren't against motorcyclists doing this, but we feel we need to be responsible by studying this thoroughly.

    Meanwhile, you get old and die...


  6. It's pigeonholing you into riding the sound or the bus... that's why they won't fix or expand roads. It's a scam
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  7. it is your right as a motorcyclist to split lanes anytime you like,,,
  8. WA won't pass anything unless they collect a tax on it.
    If there was a $5 fee collected for lane splitting they would gladly pass it then raise it to $14.
  9. Yes, lane splitting can be safe. Learned in LA myself. But the public also has to be taught to make way and to stay straight in te middle of their lanes.