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Lane splitting introduced in Washington State.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by JohnnyD, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. I can guarantee this. Without lane sharing we will have twice the dead numbers. We simply have to get out of the way of the texters. The driver's of cars driven by these bozos seem to not care. They drive until they hit the car in front of them. Splitting gets us out of harms way.
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  2. Just needed to vent after the ride to work this morning. I was rear ended today (on my birthday no less) by a lady in her SUV not paying a attention in stop and go traffic. Luckily the bike stayed up and has minimal damage and all my lights still work. License plate was bent but not much else. I split lanes in California for 6 years; most of the time during rush hour. I had plenty of close calls, some my fault, some not. But I never had a single accident with another vehicle in that time. I've been in Washington all of 2 months and I'm in my first accident ever.

  3. Dang I'm sorry. At least you or your bike didn't suffer too much damage. What the driver tell you afterwards? I'm curious if she had an excuse or something.

    It really is frustrating. The bill here gets blocked because ONE person (chair of the transportation committee, Judy Clibborn) doesn't want to bring it to the house for a hearing. So even though it passes the senate (at least 2 years in a row now) it can't be democratically voted on because she ALONE decides "Eh, I don't support it, so I won't hear it in the house". Then we wait another ENTIRE year which is not a short amount of time, by any means, before it can be debated on again.

    I split in limited situations. I will filter to front of a light if it has just turned red and I know I have plenty of time to get up there. There is no sense waiting 10 years of my life for legislatures to see the light.
  4. Thanks. Well I was more towards her passenger side (right side of lane) so my guess is she wasn't paying attention, saw the car in front of her moving, but not my bike DIRECTLY in front of her NOT moving. It felt like she just eased off the brake right into my rear end. I felt it happen and reacted how you'd expect when your 5 month old, $16k dream bike gets hit. I blew the f***k up!!! Once we pulled over though I calmed down a lot. I think the level of angry that I was at directly related to the damage on my bike. She was shaking and apologizing the whole time so hopefully it scared her enough to pay attention from now on....wishful thinking I know..

    It's really unfortunate that one person's opinion holds sway over all of us. Ironically, the reason I was over to the right in the lane was because I was considering splitting lanes but decided to hold off. Some people get really upset when they see you splitting lanes what's up with that?
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  5. What's up guys? i haven't been here in over a year. I see not much has changed :)
    In regards to lane splitting and pass-through traffic, we've had it in CA (San Diego) for awhile now and it's successful. Although people are much more aggressive in driving compared to WA state, they're also a lot better at driving.
  6. ABATE of Washington is working hard to get this bill, SB 5378 lane sharing, ( and others) passed. Your help, support is important. ABATE is looked on as being grey haired harley riders but the sport bike folks are way under represented and need to step up. $25 a year lends a powerful voice. The legislators in Olympia take note now when ABATE takes issue. ABATE of Washington Web site has the info. Also, Spring Opener next week in Easton, 5 bands, 5 motorcycles raffled off, camping, vendors, all are welcome! Proceeds from this event funds our legislative efforts and is fun as well.
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  7. Our area seems to be really big into creating bicycle lanes. I remember last year there was a proposed change to the lane splitting legislation that suggested motorcycles, instead of splitting lanes, could drive on the left shoulder. How difficult would it be to create a motorcyle lane on the left shoulder? Just a 3 foot wide lane for 2 wheeled vehicles? You could just stripe it where you can, and for when there is no shoulder just have it merge into the regular lanes. This is probably a dumb idea, but so are bicycle lanes. Would that make any sense if lane splitting can't get passed?
  8. After getting rear ended a month and a half ago on my bike, I now do this when traffic comes to a stop, or isn't moving past 5-10mph. Once it picks up I jump back in.

    I did have a cop in an unmarked white van jump out into the shoulder to cut me off about 2 weeks ago. He flashed his sirens/lights as I approached and pulled in front of me with about 2/3 car lanes between us. I jumped in behind him and that was it.

    So it's definitely frowned upon even if I see others doing it from time to time. I just wouldn't feel comfortable travelling at any rate of speed past 20-30 on the shoulder what with all the debris. And I think if there was a lane in the shoulder, the commuter lane would always be pushing road debris and other crap right into our path. It's a good idea though for high congestion areas. I split lanes twice up here and I've stopped. I have 0 trust or confidence I drivers. On the shoulder I feel a bit more safe.

    Some freeway on-ramps allow for shoulder use during commuter hours. Why not create a moto lane in certain areas on the highways where traffic is known to be an issue?
  9. As long as these idiots think you're getting ahead. It will never pass. They don't care if you are splattered on the pavement or not.
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