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Langlitz 1st Degree Theft, Felony

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by DoktorT, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Just a note to let you know, My custom tailored Langlitz Columbia was pilfered by a sneak thief the morning of Friday March 5 in Hillboro, OR.

    Being custom tailored for me, it has my name typed into the interior pocket lining, Timothy P. Stephens.

    It is a Columbia, dark brown goat hide, with contrasting light brown trim on the outside pockets. It has belt loops for my Sam Brown Belt. Just last year Langlitz replaced the thin collar and added a leather half circle to the lining at upper back. Two outside zip pockets, zip at wrists. Men's size 38 approx.

    Keep your eyes pealed for the dark brown with light brown pocket trim. Please keep it in mind through out this years rallys. If you see it, please report it.

    Reward for return, more for the severed hands of the thief.

    Hillsboro Police, Justin, 503-629-0111,
    file no. 100640761 1st degree theft, felony.

    Me, T.P. Stephens, 503-648-3548

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  2. I am sure with today's economy, someone may take you up on this offer.

  3. You joined PNW just to make a post in the classifieds and a post in PDX about someone stealing your coat?:scratchea
  4. You obviously haven't seen or worn a Langlitz Leather before. Works of art and well worth any trouble getting it back. Good Luck
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  5. Really? You're going to punk a guy because he's trying to recover his custom leathers?
  6. Even I'll give the guy this one. Langlitz leathers don't come cheap by any means.

    Hope they find the f-cker.
  7. with parts removed
  8. pjd

    pjd Moderator

    Not cheap at all, and if I read his replies correctly on ADV Rider, that jacket is 30 years old. If I had that many miles on a jacket I'd damn sure want it back too.
  9. PICTURES would relly be a HUGE help!!!!

    Also, did you file a police report? If not, you should!
  10. Roland

    Roland Moderator

    case number seems to be in the original post!!!
  11. oops!!! I'm:tard:

    PICS would still be awesome!!!
  12. Roland

    Roland Moderator

  13. They look like this :

  14. ^^^and once English this time...PICTURES OF THE ACTUAL JACKET...IN COLOR...WOULD BE AWESOME!!!:roll:
  15. Amen to that, my wife has had 3 generic leather coats in the last 10 years that look exactly like the one pictured.

    If that's the case, good luck man, sucks to be you.
  16. I wonder if the OP will ever return to even see our replies.