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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by firedad, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Idaho:

    Larry D. Purviance, Attorney At Law
    2151 W Hayden Ave
    Hayden, ID 83835-7414
    208 635-5388


    Christopher A. Slater 503-227-2024 (civil... no criminal)


    Andrew Phipps 425-688-0787

    Michael Sheehan 425-452-3410

    Michael Brodsky 360- 756-5120

    Aaron Lukoff 360-647-5251 425-954-6384 (multiple recommendations) also Ziad Youssef in same office

    Jeff Lustick 360-685-4221

    Mano, McKerricher & Paroutaud 360-748-6641

    Williams and Johnson, P.S.

    Ditlevson, Rodgers, Dixon 360-352-8311

    Jeannie Mucklestone 206-623-3343

    Aaron Lukoff 360-647-5251 425-954-6384 (multiple recommendations) also Ziad Youssef in same office

    Tom Ellington 253-219-3916 (multiple recommendations)
    Barbara Bowden 253-473-4262

    Tim Coogan 253-272-5505

    Sam Swanberg 509-396-7087
    24-Hour Emergencies 509-430-9009

    Randy Jameson 509-943-4681

    Robert Bennet 360-695-0770

    Christopher A. Slater 503-227-2024 (civil... no criminal)

    Kip Kendrick at Kendrick and Malane (509) 966-4255
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  2. I searched through as many past “lawyer needed” posts as I could find and these are the names which were suggested. They’re obviously separated by geographical area, and both the states, and areas are listed alphabetically. Any who do not have a website listed, do not have a site I was able to find. I was unable to find any lawyer recommendations for Oregon, and only the 1 for Idaho.

    If there is any others not listed, please post ‘em up and I’ll edit the initial list with the pertinent information.

  3. THANKS, Firedad for, . . .

    "LAWYERING UP" !!!

  4. Did u hear lab techs started doing their tests on lawyers instead of rats? They find they were getting too attached to the rats.

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    Need to add another one to the list. My wife got an award for speeding in a school zone in her cage via camera. Got it totally dismissed worth every penny! I believe they do Cowlitz to Seattle.

    Williams and Johnson, P.S.
    57 West Main St Suite 200
    Chehalis, WA 98532
  7. Any one know have an Oregon recommendation?
  8. If u live in Oregon you just pay the ffucking ticket.

    God damned hippies
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  9. Picked up a totally cheesy 68 in a 55 though he said limit was 60 (you think he would at least know that). 532 wb up the hill to Stanwood from the freeway with radar. No one around, kind of ridiculous for a normal ride home from work. Called and seemed right on. Will cost almost double the price of the ticket but will preserve my clean record. He answered right away and sounds most knowledgeable and has a nice record. Thanks for the tip! :evil4:
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  10. They prefer to be called Attorneys.
  11. Us hippies are a wee bit faster than you and, oh by the way, just a smijin smarter. Lawyer up dood if you ever go over 45mph. crackup:
  12. PLUG for Lukoff! Not only is he going to handle my little issue for less than the cost of the ticket plus the insurance increase (on the three bikes I have insured) as quoted to me by my agent during a hypothetical conversation - he is going to rehabilitate my son's youthful FTA on a DUI charge where he actually blew under the limit and was scared to face the music due to the cost quoted and general incomptence of said "lawyer."
  13. Nathan you can add me to the list for Oregon and SW Washington

    Christopher A. Slater 503-227-2024

    I do not do criminal but I do civil (accidents and other claims). My two sites have useful information regarding legal requirements in both states as well as what to do before and after a motorcycle accident.
  14. I recommend AGAINST Michael Sheehan. I had him for my reckless driving (146mph in a 55mph... YIKES), and I was completely unsatisfied with the way he handled himself and treated me. I paid him a bunch of money, and all of it was up front. He was responsive and kind until he had my money, and then he didn't hardly give 2 shits about me. I've heard good things about him, but I think he's a piece of crap. I would call him multiple times, each time leaving a message asking for a return phone call, and he would simply ignore my calls. I ended up getting a good result, so I don't doubt that he does know a thing or two about lawyering, but he was very unprofessional in just about every other aspect. I met with Tom Ellington as well and I really wish I would have gone with him. He runs a one man operation, so you know you're not going to get the run around from his secretary. So, in short, if you want to pay a large sum of money to a lawyer just to be ignored and disrespected, then Michael Sheehan is your man!
  15. Lukoff is the coolest lawyer you will ever meet.

    If u saw him, you would never know he was a lawyer.
    Well that is until he opens his mouth......he is very intelligent and well spoken.

    Down to earth; all round cool guy.

    His words " I'm an average guy in the regular world, but when I walk in a court room I'm a Rock Star!"
  16. Both added :)
  17. That's exactly how it sounded. He was kind of funny and smart at the same time. I'll bet he whips arse in the courtroom for sure!

  18. Tim Coogan;
    233 St Helens Ave # 1, Tacoma, WA 98402
    (253) 272-5505

    i have used him multiple times with great success, all in king county. have a buddy that has him on speed dial. i would guess has used his services somewhere around 20 times, never lost.

  19. Added