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Let's see some rides nearly every day this week!

Discussion in 'Central' started by beansbaxter, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. Cause I'll be rolling through if all goes as planned and would like to join in on the happenings. All the good weather stays down there, so go ride ride ride!
  2. ill take you on some rides around here dude

  3. Zach,

    put a ride together some time soon. :scared
  4. thursday? meet up around 5 and leave around 6? maybe all the way out clearwater to that one canyon place, then passed clodfelter all the way to locust grove then to 395 and back? i dunno.
  5. I ride to work every day.

    I also rode to Walmart today. Does that count?? :scratchea
  6. but i rode yesterday and DAMN!!!!!! it was so stinking hot, the brown melted right off of my arms........but pigeon and i ride to work everyday too.......
    sup wrench! and bean!

    wrench, when r u gonna bring frankenbike :evil: out again to play?

  7. whuzzzup steve-o...ill be down there to ride soon enough this summer (sigh), this girl keeps buggin me to visit :scratchea
  8. crazylady

    crazylady Crumbcatcher

    Are there any rides coming up soon?
  9. Hey Ramona!!! yeah check out the Eastside section, that's all the Spokane rides going on.
  10. crazylady

    crazylady Crumbcatcher

    OK I'm feeling stupid, I really don't know how to navigate this site yet. Were is the Eastside section?
  11. all good, the site is getting big these days.

    goto the main part of the forum by clicking on the washingtonriders logo in the upper left of any page.

    scroll down and you will see all the different sections. the section section is regional rides and gatherings. under it is 3 subforums (westside, eastside, central) and everything in the eastside section is all spokane.

    lots happenin, you better show up for some rides! remember dreadlock jeff from cheney, he is guff on the forum minus the dreadlocks...cause he cut them off :scared
  12. Yo!!!!!

    pigeon! you gonna ride with me this weekend or what? how bout that ride to work this morning? and whats her faces pony tail flapping in the wind on her!!!! crackup:

    Barf from Spaceballs

    so did you see the cheap ass wheelie i did in the parking lot by the PEC? wasnt it the shizzle? vtr2: lol....... :thefinge:

  13. That ponytail :smurfin: was doing the same thing on the way home too. You see that dude on the Harley start to run the red light when he looked back and saw two sportbikes? What a dumb shyt. He was too worried about not riding next to us. He almost bought the farm. Anyway I have to check on this weekend. Too much going on in the summer. :x See ya tomarrow, I have to drive the truck though. 104 :sunny: is too damn hot to ride in. I almost pass out by the time I get home. At least I am wearing my gear.
  14. Hell yeah man, keep wearing your gear no matter what.

    P.S. - For how big of an area the Tri-cities is I don't hear of many rides..........more like none. Am I blind and not seeing them or do they not exist?

    P.P.S. - I hate harley riders, they don't even wave back. When I wave all I see is :angry7:
    WTF did I do to them? I'm just trying to be friendly. Will someone tell me what's up their asses? I don't get it.
  15. Not all harley riders are like that though. I just wave, and if they wave back-cool, otherwise I dont sweat it. I still wave at them every time.
  16. Went out tuesday to check out nine canyon road. Was a great ride but way to short. The road goes through farmland and up past the wind mills at finley. Has a nice hairpin enroute to the top. But turns to gravel on to. The view is great though, of the columbia.

    Goin to put 600 miles on the bike this weekend on a trip down to salem oregon.

    Last i herd clodfelter was torn up so be careful

  17. if you are going to salem, up with some of the riders in that area from the section...

    and take pics :mrgreen:
  18. Man there are rides all over the place. It is just a matter of finding them when they go on. When you find out the easiest way to find them let me know. LOL

    Hey don't hate all of them. The ones that know the sport and accept other riders will wave. It is a courtesy to wave, it is a way to say "hey, I can see you." I work with lots of Harley riders and they are all cool and I would and have riden with them. I was riding with one today when this dickhead did this. So what it boils down to is that he almost got himself killed for being a prick.

  19. Dude!!!!!!!!!!

    that shizzle was so funny!!!!!!!what a dumbass on that harley!!!!!!! did you like how i smoked his ass on that green light? he thought his shizzle was fast didnt he? but at least the chic on the harley kept up with us which made his old aarrss look stupid... :tard: and youre right, when i got home, the ol lady goes, " damn youre melting again" it was so stinking hot!!! and that jacket i wear since its all black and leather, man it just fries me up and serves me like the taco i am!!!!! and ill be in the car tomorrow as well cuz its crazy hot YO!!!!!...and i got a couple of days left on E squad. Youre gonna miss me when i go back to regular squad pigeon but at least youre gonna have the red haybusa to ride with...

    delta a.k.a brown texan! :thefinge:

  20. well then get them on the forum....dayyyuuuummmm :mrgreen: