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Let's see you powerslide!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. he keep that one going? or did he eat gravel?

  2. I would assume that he has it under control. He has nice rain tires on and he appears to be quite comfortable in that situation. I would love to see the video of that one though.
  3. Not only a sweet power slide, but on a B'mer.
  4. Sorry to burst your bubble, but he is tanking that bmw. Its moving in a different trajectory than the front wheel is turned, and he has it against the steering lock. If it were dry, he would have been pitched over the highside already....

  5. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    I guess it's a good thing he's not on a Triumph and that there's not a GSXR nearby huh E? 8)
  6. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Cool pic...but I'd place my bet that he got tossed of that kraut machine about half a second after that pic was taken!
  7. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    that totally looks uncontrolled...
  8. I bet he holds it :shock:
    Flattrack style, countersteering mofo!
    Ever seen a still shot of Mccoy sliding on the pavement, looks like no way in hell is he gonna save it 8)
  9. Now mccoy, thats a different ball of wax... not to mention he wasnt on an old-man machine

  10. That's the boxer cup series, if you think it's a bunch of blue hairs on gramps machines you may wanna check out that series, most racing have been full support riders at one point. I'm also gonna guess that old man machine would make the princess it's little bitch crackup:

    Full factory machines and they will drag the cyclinder heads in the corner :shock:
  11. +1 not to mention banging cylinder heads on the high banks at daytona.
  12. Oh yes, I never made claim that the old men couldnt kick my 15 minues of riding experience ass. Just picture the riders you see on them though....

    58 years old
    harrowing experiences as a kid on bikes
    smell faintly of pipe smoke and really thick black beer

  13. aside from the thinkin' berde-oldertrouble!!
  14. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Even McCoy doesn't slide the back out THAT far, and that Bimmer ain't no dirt-tracker; that guy's gonna get pitched!
  15. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    beans, is this what you were trying with kaw in the gravel?
  16. Hard to say from a still photo and not knowing how the turn continues. Unless it tightens up really bad after where he's at, it looks like he'll be just fine as long as he keeps the rear spun up but not overspin it and pull it out further.

    You can definitely tell he has some flat track or dirt experience though. :)
  17. Gary Mccoy...Under Control...


  18. im sorry, thats Troy Bayliss on the Duc. They seem to have the power slides in control vs. Rossi and the guy in on the BMW
  19. the single sided swingarm makes that pic 1000x sexier