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Lewiston Club Group Ride April 18th

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by cord4530, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. I bumped in to a small group of riders while out last Friday. They're part of a club in Lewiston and gave me a flyer about a group ride coming up on April 18th.

    Link to Flyer

    FWIW, it's being put on by a local chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association. Anyone care to show up with a WWJR sticker (What Would Jesus Ride)?

    They're planning to ride up Wawawai then down Hwy 195 and spiral.
    If I go, I'll probably ride down spiral highway (not at any fast pace), then split off from the group when they get near Pullman.

    Just thought I'd pass the word along.

  2. Thanks for posting that Dan

    I was looking around for the flyer to post it when I saw your post. The two lead riders of the group are friends of mine. I will be out of state - otherwise we were planning on heading over to participate. If you make the ride - tell Roger and Peggy - Steve from Olympia says hello! Not your ordinary CMA ride! (Part of the new CMA Fast Lane)


  3. usmcgunnerm4

    usmcgunnerm4 Washington (VA)

    Sounds like fun. Not sure what my schedule is, but I'm 60 percent in.
  4. With weather forecast for 70+ and sunny - Thought I would give this ride a BUMP!
  5. Possibly in. When/where are you going to leave from Dan?
  6. I'm in, what's the plan pullman/moscow peeps
  7. I don't yet know if I'm going or not. The weather looks like it should be great though. There's a high likelyhood that if I do make it, I'll have a friend on a 250cc scooter with me...which means we're going to be going pretty darn slow! I don't think you'd want to caravan down with us. I'll know in the next few days if she is coming or not though. If she isn't, and I am, then I'd love to meet up for a group ride on the way down.
  8. 250cc is more than enough to smoke a lot of bikes...just sayin'...
  9. So any Pullman people going to meet in Pullman and make the trip down the Spiral together?
  10. True dat. I was stuck in a blue smoke haze behind some ahole on a 250 two-wheeled chainsaw last year.
  11. I'm in, throw out a time and place
  12. I swear, when I ride behind you on that thing when it's cold I get warmer
  13. I'm in if my bike hasn't sold by then. Pullman peeps, where and when?
  14. Meet at 8:00AM, pizza hut parking lot. KSU at 8:30 latest?

    that sound good for all?
  15. The time sounds good. Should give us enough time to get to Lewiston by 10:00 and hook up with the other riders. Pizza hut is kinda on the wrong side of town though. Arby's?
  16. Arby's sounds good Milkshake. Why so early tho? They don't leave until 10:00 correct?
  17. AVB's on a BMW. Plenty of extra time for pushing.
  18. Arbies parking lot KSU @ 8:30 it is

    so early because it would be cool to socialize with the people we're going to be riding with before heading out
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