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License plate C9H13N revoked!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by beansbaxter, May 24, 2005.

  1. Seattle Times News Article

  2. Don't ya just love the little thought police NAZIs?

  3. KCander

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    A Seattle man was accosted by the SGD (Seattle Gestapo Department) last night after Leftenant Klaus Johnson's vanity license plate sting operation finally culminated in a violent assualt on the alleged ring-leader of the recent offensive personal license plate terrorist movement. Johnson, a Seattle-native and SS officer with 17 years experience, said the suspect vehicle had received several complaints over the last few months and that the SGD had assigned him to head up an anti-vanity-plate task force with the explicit purpose of hunting down and exterminating offensive license plates city-wide.

    With a nearly limitless budget at his disposal, an arsenal of high-tech weaponry and state-of-the-art gadgetry, it was only a matter of time before Leftenant Johnson spotted the candy-apple red 1992 Chevrolet Camaro IROC late Tuesday night.

    Although nearly impossible to understand due to a shattered jaw, 14 bullet wounds, a severe concussion, and a host of "rectal abrasions", the owner of the IROC, Bob Stanleywicz, did deliver a statement late last night as physicians wheeled his battered body into the OR at the University of Washington Medical Center. "Dechember churd ninecheen fhorty fhive, it's my birchday, you (expletive deleted), this is re-(biblical reference)-diculous!" Stanleywicz stated through a mouthful of gauze, cottonballs, and blood.

    Leftenant Johnson snickered at Stanleywicz's feeble attempt at deception. "Achtung! Mein chief assures me that 12, 3, 45, ist nicht Herr Stanleywicz's birthday. Justice will be served on this infidel! SGD detectives have surmised the heinous sexual undertones of Stanleywicz's disgushting vanity license plates. You schee, his license plate reads '12345'. This is nicht acceptable. Das sequence of numbers, 1-2-3-4-5, can only lead its reader to one resulting number: 6. Das nummer 'six' is not only the most evil number - it is one-third of the mark of das beasht, afterall - but it is also uber close in sound and schpelling to the word 'sex'. In fact, in Deutsch it is pronounced, "zex"...zo, Herr Bob Stanleywicz must pay for his crimes against die Father-stadt of Washington. The SGD will not allow das innocent people of Scheattle to be corrupted by wicked thoughts of schex, schatan, or birthdays. Haben sie einen qvestion? Nein? SCHNELL!"

    Bob Stanleywicz was last seen, blindfolded, as his gerney was wheeled out the backdoor of the OR and into the alley behind UW Medical Center. The bloody gauze and cottonballs had been replaced with a cigarette. Stanleywicz's whereabouts are now unknown.

    Leftanant Johnson is pleased with the initial success of his task force and has targeted some 60,000 more Seattle-area residents for what he calls "platial cleansing".
  4. crackup:
    and I thought I was wasting time on the forum today. Very well done.
  5. I wonder is they'll let this plate pass for me:

  6. sad day. Does it really matter what's on the plate?
  7. A sad day THREE YEARS AGO!!!
  8. Still it's a sad day :thefinge: crackup:
  9. Holy cow! Is your hobby to bump old ass threads and laugh at the people who reply to them as if they were posted today?
  10. Seriously. The only way I could see an arguement for making it illegal to put something on a plate is it is an obvius profanity (fuckyou for example but on the other hand I don't think stfu should be censored. Basically anything you wouldn't want a small child reading. If they already understand what stfu means it's too late anyways).
  11. I knew the "Got Milf Guy" (he used to have a website and bumper stickers). His plate was GOTMILF, and was revoked a few years back (probably one of the "sexual innuendos" referred to in the article) because some mom complained that she "didn't want to have to explain it to her kid". Ok, then don't!
    When they sent him the letter questioning it, he said he "Got Married Into Lisa's Family" and it was a tribute to them. They didn't believe it.
  12. Actually wasn't there a case back east about the STFU plate. I want to say it was even displayed on their website as an example of normal plates.
  13. Well its already resurrected so...






    and if this ain't dirty, I don't know what is!

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  14. crackup::mfclap:
    That is classic!
  15. Whew, saved the poor sensibilities of the 7 nerds in WA that would have gotten it.
  16. God, I hope the state of Oregon doesn't figure out my license plate and try to take it away from me.

  17. Like OMG right? I agree. Someone should have posted this shit 3 years ago!!!!

    Oh wait...


    Ya. They did. FAIL! :thefinge: