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Little bear stickers?

Discussion in 'Law Enforcement' started by mcjunky, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. I see these little different colored bear stickers on the rear window of vehicles. For the longest time I thought they were just proud californians that moved up here but recently someone told me it's for friends and families of leo's and state patrol? Is this true and what would the benefit be? Is it like a LEM plate?
  2. T

    T ~T

    As far as I know they are not for friends. They are for Active Police Officers and usually placed on their POV's. Every color represents a different service...county, city and state. Much like the Fire Department they also have stickers for their vehicles.

  3. shadow

    shadow (Washington) City

    okay, so the bear thing....first off my specific information regarding locations and times may be off since I didnt pay much attention to those facts. Now, the bear sticker thing started in I believe California. Basically if I remember correctly a police officer pulled over a vehicle somewhere in the U.S (may have been arkansas or kansas or something) so the officer pulls over the vehicle and approaches the driver. I believe the officer saw a weapon in the vehicle, pulled out the driver and forcefully put him down. Unfortunately for that officer, the driver was an off duty officer. Now in order to prevent officers from mistaking their own for bad guys with guns, they started the whole bear sticker thing as a means of identification. Now, while the bear sticker thing started as a means of recognition, these days most of us do not use the bear stickers (at least in WA) as it tends to make our vehicles targets for vandalism. I know I know, "who could possibly have anything but good feelings for police officers". but it happens. Now adays I have run into a lot of ppl who throw the bear sticker on their vehicles to try and get out of tickets when they are not LEO's. As far as colors go, yes the different colors traditionally represent either city, county, or state. Now I would highly discourage anyone from placing the bear stickers on their windows who are not LEO's (and probably not the greatest idea for actual LEO's anymore), as police officers who pull you over and find you not to be a LEO, may be upset and ticket you when they may have let you off with a warning.
  4. Are there any links to what these bear stickers look like because all I can picture in my head are the Grateful Dead bears?
  5. Gamuru

    Gamuru Big Brother

    Shadow, with all do respect, do you realize what kind of message that little story of yours sends to the rest of us? Unless we're part of some secret society, or know some secret squirrel hand shake, we're going to be roughed up and treated like crap by law enforcement. You may want to edit your comment so that it doesn't cast such a negative light on how LEOs view common citizens. More to the point, owning a weapon does not automatically make us "bad guys with guns".
  6. shadow

    shadow (Washington) City

    If memory serves me correctly this event happened right around the whole Rodney King incident and people were attacking officers, sometimes with deadly intention. While it isnt the best of circumstances you need to take into account the times this all started (realize there is no way that this kind of behavior would ever happen now adays, especially not in WA where the citizens are afforded more rights than most states in this country "Art 1 sec 7" and its for the best) I appologize for not making reference to the timeframe in which the bear sticker thing started I didnt realize I had deleted it. Also realize that the stickers now adays are more of a courtesy "hey im an officer and probably have a wpn in my vehicle" to the officer pulling the vehicle over so they dont get freaked if they do see a wpn. Yes not everyone who has a wpn is a criminal, that was not the implication I was making in the least. however, regardless of the person, if I walked up to a vehicle and saw a gun in plain view, I would be nervous.
  7. Gamuru

    Gamuru Big Brother

    Shadow, are you a LEO?
  8. WORD!! I think im still seeing them!
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