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Local dealer charging freight and set up on used bikes?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Dana44, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. I owned dozens of bikes over my lifetime but this one caught me by surprise.

    Currently shopping dual sport I can use around the local ORV parks. I had some time to visit some on the local dealers to check out the sparkly new 2017 Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda just see what's new. Out of my $$ range but fun to check out and sometimes they have a previous year leftover they'll price low to move.

    One of our local dealers (I'll refrain from throwing them under the bus for now) has not one but TWO used Honda 2016 CRF250L dual sports with a few thousand miles each on their showroom floor.

    Sweet I think I may have just found my new woods toy! Not so fast.

    Sales informs me in addition to the normal doc fee, license and WA sales tax (all of which are fine and unavoidable) they want freight AND dealer set up to the tune of $700 to top it off.

    I didn't even feel like arguing with them about it. I have to assume someone else has already paid the freight and setup on these bikes once. They are plated with tabs so they've already been registered. Smells fishy.

    First I've ever heard of a motorcycle dealer or even an auto dealer for that matter trying to charge freight and setup on a used bikes.
  2. Maybe they were previously owned in another state, then disassembled to ship to WA, then reassembled by the dealer. Or, the dealer is a POS. :D

  3. Whaaaat? Never heard of that before... Salesman must have seen you drooling...
  4. I've bought 2 new bikes from that dealer over the years so I was a little surprised.
    They've always been good in the past.
  5. Did you ask them about the additional cost and have them explain? Curios.

  6. just tell em to get fucked & go somewhere else, plenty of bikes out there to be had. i never goto a stealership( unless they are wiling to be reasonable, which is usually not , unless u buy in cash up front.. show em the c notes & they get greedy..always.), person to person sales are always better.
  7. That sounds like a new salesman who didn't know used bikes didn't have those charges also.

    I'd just ask for the manager.
  8. I did ask on my second visit. They seem to think it's a legitimate charge since they bought the bikes used from another dealer and shipped them there. No skin off my back. I simply won't buy from them. Plenty of bike dealers around the Sound.
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  9. kawidude88

    kawidude88 formerly gsxrdude24

    Dealers are always trying make an extra buck but sometimes you can negotiate the fees to be removed if you already have financing or have cash up front. I had luck saving fees when I bought a brand new bike last year.
  10. Find another dealer.