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Long ride

Discussion in 'Northern ID' started by smoothytaggert, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Planning this for next week. probably 300 miles maybe 400.

    If interested let me know. we'll put a date together and roll.

    doesn't matter whom goes obviously speed isn't going to be ludicrous since the weather is getting chilly so DRESS WARM and let's ride... :)

    I'll figure out which route I want to take and post to those whom wanna ride... the loop can start in the valley and end up back there... thinking towards moscow and ending up on City Drive (top of 57th and have late lunch at Bouzies) but want to head back into cda and around back to starting location :popcorn:
  2. I might be in. Let you know more towards next weekend

  3. Like the idea...sounds fun if the weather is dry.
  4. Got a route and a day?
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  5. sorry yes I do... route will be posted soon by tomorrow... thursday ride?