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Long way home from HR to PDX?

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by Magpie, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. We are going to a wedding this weekend, and will be taking our bikes so are looking for a nice (paved) ride home.

    We could do 35-26-42 (not done 42)-46 and up to Estacada and back.

    Or we could do a BZ-Glenwood loop (never done that), head down 35 to wherever.

    P was thinking over Hood to end up on Lolo Pass Rd (from I think Lost Lake?), but I've read that there's a lot of gravel that way, and that Lolo doesn't stay paved all the way. Is that true, or no?

    Other ideas? Opinions?
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  2. Lolo pass is doable on a street bike, but there is a few miles of gravel....
    I have done it twice this year on a D/S...My roommate did it on a speed triple last week and was accompanied by another with a 675R. They both got through easily, If it gets wet, its a bit more slippery in the dirt/mud section that has very little gravel.
    Tight, tight paved road with beautiful scenery! Have fun!

  3. I'll be on a new bike so won't want to chance any gravel. Thanks so much for the info!
  4. From Hood River you can take the Dee Hwy up to Cooper Spur Rd, out to 35 and 26. Turn right at the ziz-zag mtn store and follow brightwood road down to marmot and Gordon Creek, etc. Fun ride with not much slab, lotsa twisty bits no gravel, great scenes.

    Cobbler at zig zag store..good.