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Looking for a bike sold through Auction

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Saber63, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. While back my bike got stolen (STOLEN '03 CBR600RR) i had sense replaced it, yet still miss it.

    So it turns out this was FOUND! Sadly it went through insurance auction and i had no idea!

    it sold April 30th 2014 and looked like this (they appear to be a scam site but have the pics and info)

    Near as i can tell it was solid through/by these guys

    If anyone knows where it went, or who has it now. I would love to know! I spent a lot of time doing custom and repair work(but worthless, like rewiring the loom, changing alternator). This bike has sentimental value to me!

    I would hope i might be able to buy it. But if not, just getting to see it again would be great!


  2. You could contact department of licensing and get that info. Good luck.

    I am surprised the recovering police agency didn't contact you though.

    sent via middle finger messaging

  3. Ownership was turned over to insurance company, guessing that's why i was never contacted...

    Will get hold of the DOL first thing Monday. It was Bill of sale only from what i could find.

    I picked up a used /auction bike once. Guy I bought it from was NOT on record, only the auction company... (bike vin was clean etc...) But maybe ill get lucky!

  4. They would have contacted the last known address of the last legal owner. If you were not living there the letter may have been refused and you would never know.
    I was contacted about an ex-rig of mine because the person never changed the title over. Could have gotten it back for the towing and storage fee's, which were about what I sold it for. After getting a description it sounded like it was beat pretty bad so I let it go.
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