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Looking for a party?!

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by MissAudacious, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Having a little party at our place tonight. Was gonna be a simple get together but we went crazy with lasers, strobe lights and Booz.:mfclap:

    group of 20-30 something's, some ride some don't
    if ur looking for a place to go tonight private message me
    9-10ish we'll probably start. near Vancouver mall.

    ps. bring your own bottle:thefinge:

    be smart about transportation please!!! If u plan to drink, have a plan to get home safely.
  2. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    you're in the wrong city.

    I miss shit like this up in westside. Have fun!

  3. I'll bring a shotgun a fifth of Tanquerey and show you people the best time of your fucking lives! (The great Kenny Powers)
  4. Scary.

    Maybe a bean dip instead?
    koorbloh likes this.
  5. +1 for bean dip.
    +2 for I'm not going to be there.
  6. we're just started ! :)
  7. if only you weighed a couple hundred more lbs.....
  8. :p Well, Hopefully you come join us on the ride tomorrow, unless you guys get carried away haha. should be a few people going!
  9. I was gunna come over but hes right about the ride tomorrow i still gotta put my bike back to gether so im out on the party so i can go up to windy tomorrow
  10. How was the party?

    It's not a party unless the cops are called because someone ended up with a broken rib or 2.
  11. i am so. damn. hung over... but it was at my very own party:thefinge: it got pretty big lol
  12. So then when is the next one? Hah hah.
  13. Well her nor her hubby showed for the ride today so it must have been a late night. :scared:scared:scared
  14. exactly. late night indeed

    We had a great time:mfclap:
    this was definitely pretty spontaneous

    we'll have to plan the next one in advance.
    do the whole dj, lights and music all over again
  15. Sounds like a great time.

    I do miss that area.
  16. arighty. looks like we're all getting together again this sat.

    WHO: ppl who ride and their friends who don't :) from Portland/Vancouver
    WHERE: our place ... private message me if you will be coming
    or if u have the kik app, text me at "missaudacious"
    WHEN: sat Aug 25th @ about 7pm
    WHY: play some card games, drinking games meet other riders from Portland/Vancouver. there will be some ppl who don't ride, so feel free to bring a friend
    as the night goes on the lasers, strobes, fog machine and DJ come alive
    and there will be dancing!

    so come and hang out :mfclap:
    Bring your own bottle please::thefinge:

    ps. we take keys away if you are not ok to drive/ride
    so please plan ahead if u need to leave early
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