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looking for Dad's Old Bike

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by Gunman07, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Ok guys, I know this is a needle in a haystack but I'm trying to locate my dad's old fat boy. It was a 1993 Fatboy, same one you see in the Terminator movie. Here is the vin# 1HD1BML10PY034900. We sold to a guy from Idaho when we were stationed at Mountain Home AFB. We sold it in 2000, but who knows if its been moved around. Anyone know anything, or any help or ideas you may have to help me?
  2. Keep posting on all the cycle forums you can find.DMV records maybe?

  3. Fair warning: It may not be the same as when you sold it. I spent a LOT of time rebuilding a '55 Chev, including new color coded wiring under the dash and straightening out the rear fender wheel openings that had been pounded out at some point to make room for larger tires.
    I went looking for it a few years after I sold it and found it. The 'kid' tore the entire dash and all the wiring out and had taken a cold chisel and hammer to the rear wheel openings to make room for some big tires because he was going to make a 'race car' out of it.
    I was sick. I have not 'fallen in love' with any car or motorcycle since though I have owned and worked on a lot of both.
    Might be better off finding one that 'looks like' your Dad's.
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