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Looking for Some Help, Bike Setup.

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Jake2545, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I just recently had a lowside after a lady merged over three lanes not seeing me and have been getting the bike back in working order. I was able to get a complete '07 GSX-R 600 front end to swap on to my SV and got it all on this past weekend. I have done my best through watching videos and reading tutorials online to set the bike up (rear wheel alignment, chain adjustment, front end alignment etc...) but I'm kind of learning as I go. This is my first bike and have had no problems performing the mechanical wrenching side of things but the more technical stuff I still struggle with. I know my bike could use a good once over from someone who is proficient with motorcycle maintenance.

    I feel like I am having some alignment issues as my bike wants to pull slightly left and it looks to have some uneven wear on the tires.

    If there is anyone out there who wouldn't mind helping a new rider out with some maintenance and could spend a couple hours helping me work on the bike I would greatly appreciate it. I would rather work with someone who knows what there doing and learn some stuff along the way over taking it in and just having it done.

    If anyone is up for it I can hook ya up with a tank of gas and bring over some beers and food while we do the work.

    Some pics just to whore her out haha

  2. If your rear wheel is aligned correctly, the center of the axel to the center of the swing arm pivot on both left and right sides should be exactly the same.

    If you check this and it's good, you have a serious issue, bent frame or tripple clamps.

  3. forks could just be a little twisted in the triples...

    or could be worse.

    D&S Cycle in aloha / beaverton , EDR in beaverton , Hoodview in the couve ... could all probably diagnose the problem in short order.
  4. Yeh I thought about that too, but usually they square themselves up after a few bumps and braking during a ride
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