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Looking for Some People to Ride With

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by SeventyTwoMoto, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    New-ish to Bellingham and new to riding. I own a Yamaha R3 and usually take it up Chuckanut at least once a day if the weather is nice. I am 23, a student at WWU, and this is my first street bike. Just looking for some people to cruise with, maybe show me some new routes. Also it would be great if someone could follow me up Chuckanut and give me some pointers. If you are interested please hit me up!

  2. Austin

    Austin Staff Member

    Welcome to PNWRiders! I'm sure someone will be along shortly to meet up with you.

    Welcome again!

  3. Hello STM,
    Arnbo here,You can join my small local forum Sportbike Riders.
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  4. Hey I'm off sun mon
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  5. Hit me up, i have weekends off, and i get off at 5 during the week,
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  6. I'm free this Sunday if you want to ride!

    Definitely will! Probably going up tomorrow evening and Sunday too
  7. If you can hook up with WMRRA112 He is great rider Not to mention Smoking Fast!
    check out his videos........
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  8. Hell yeah off after 430 And no work friday thru Sunday pm me if u want to ride hwy 9 or 20 sometime
  9. Sounds good, definitely doing some riding Sunday if you or anyone else is interested.
  10. WE are riding today we will be at the Batcave around 11am
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  11. where is the Batcave? im thinking of doing a ride around here monroe, North maybe Rainier Loop or something. ill be KSU around 9 at shell on exit 22 of 405
  12. Ugggg I missed the ride is had to run to Seattle today. ... hit me up of anyone can go out next Sunday...
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  13. Anyone down to ride today?
  14. Yeah! Let me know a time and a place. Already been up chuckanut twice today :)
  15. I'm down when ever man...
  16. I'm heading to bellingham in about 10 min if you want to meet up we can at the Hagens at Danish at say 445
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