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Looking for Some People to Ride With

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by SeventyTwoMoto, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. Very back my the 76th gas station

  2. Hell yeah, went to Oregon last weekend totally free this Sunday man
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  3. This Sunday lets ride!!
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  4. Hit me up. im 20, drz supermoto, i work monday through friday. I can ride saturday and sunday. live in oak harbor but i can ride to B-ham.
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  5. Amy said she has seen you STM Live from 12th street Village Home of The Batcave..........
  6. Yup! I tried finding you guys last Sunday when you said you'd be there. I also fill up at the 76 often as I ride chuckanut everyday.
    Sounds good man, I can't this weekend but hopefully next week
  7. You up for riding tomorrow? Looks like 71 degrees
  8. I'm always down! Shoot me a message
  9. Hey where are you guys riding at? I could meet up with you in a couple hours if you're down
  10. I'd be down to ride with you guys some time, but I ride a v-strom... haha.
  11. I know this thread is a cpl months old and definitely not trying to hijack, but I'm also always riding around the Ham on my Lil 250. Been up and down chuckanut a few times.. always seems like everyone's always going the other way haha. Would love to meet up and get some group rides under my belt. Switching my gearing up so 80 shouldn't be an issue anymore :facepalm:
  12. There are always people who are down to ride, just have to catch them when they are off
  13. Once the weather warms up a bit I'll be back out terrorizing everyone on my DR350. Other than that all I do is brodies in the backyard when its snowing.
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