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Maintenance day

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by ZXWUT?, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. I've got Sunday-Tuesdays off so was thinking about having a maintenance get together. I live in Bremerton now, and I've got a good size garage with tools and such, and plenty of yard for firing up the smoker and maybe having dinner too. Would anyone be interested in having something like this on a Sunday?
  2. I'm in. Anyone who is willing to teach me about my bike and how to fix it is definately an outing I want to be part of. let me know when and where and I'll be there.

  3. Probably shoot for this Sunday. I have to work the weekend after.
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  4. Pick a time and I'll be there...
    if you make it a regular thing, maybe once a month, you'll get more people..
  5. It will be regular. I like company :)
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  6. I could get in on this too. Not sure about this Sunday, but I wouldn't mind trekking out there some time. Maybe we can get some guys on this side of the water to meet up and mob over there.
  7. If you wanna meet up David let me know. I'll mob out with ya. And I'm pretty sure my brother will go too (he's got new spark plugs to put in and an oil change to do). Let me know when and where. And if David goes, I'll mob out with him.
  8. Let's shoot for 1pm if that works for you guys. That gives me time to start up the smoker in the morning and do some yard work.
    934 Pleasant Ave, Bremerton, Wa
    Call or text if you need. 3605254716
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  9. Bumping this up for anyone else that may want to come.
  10. I'll be there ZX. I'm coming from Everett. And if I rememeber correctly, I can think of 2 more that will be riding out there with me. Maybe 3. (if there's room)
  11. Not in this month, mostly in next month pending my wife not going into labor.
  12. :mfclap:

    Hope to see you then!
  13. Hey ZX, I gotta change my spark plugs, headlights, and air filter......... That's what a maintence day is for right? To do minor work on your bike, with others doing the same?
  14. Yup. Just make sure you have filters and everything on hand. Neither of the bike shops here are open on Sundays. I have a good amount of tools and if we need anything extra along the way, Lowes is just down the road as well as a few auto parts stores.

    I should be installing a Vapor and working on tuning the carb on the 625.
  15. You know how to work on carbs?
  16. ZOMG. I have a vapor waiting for me at home.
  17. One carb is tricky, four carbs suck.
  18. What is a vapor?