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Martial artists: post up

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Max_&_Blondie, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. What's your experience level, training, future interests? I'll start off.. by saying that an efficient/effective real world fighter is a lot more than training, and that real world experience and natural ability almost always wins over training, although I consider traing the ultimate accelerator. The above theory is certainly true of many things in this world, including bike racing and sports. if you're into the sport-competition aspect of the arts, this is also applicable.

    Well, as the pretty boy, I was picked on since age 8, so I had to learn to fight, although my mother was totally against it.. she was a pacifist for the most part, rest her soul, a good woman and she taught me the gentler truths. I probably avoided a few fights by the gentle and calm part of me that she helped nurture.
    But I don't think she was ever surprise kicked/kneed in the nuts, so she lacked that perspective :wink:

    Won my first schoolyard fight at 8 against a boy who basically was kicking sand on me at lunch (an expression, he called me out over a girl..silly, but this was redneck-land, northeastern California in the late 1960s) and he would not stop. Won the fight with about 25 jabs, backing him up with each one, until he went down with a bloody nose. A friend in school had taught me the jab and cross and I had taken some Ju Jitsu instruction.

    Was a target throughout school and I would not back down to bullies, either. Used natural fighting talent and I learned wrestling techniques when facing much larger opponents who liked to use their weight. But basically I knew relatively nothing as far as formal training, although later I won several adult fights as well.. note here I have never thrown the first punch nor do I start trouble, but we all know there are crazy peeps out there. I seem to have met more than my share. Would only attack first in an extreme situation. Interception and instantaneous counterattack is what JKD is about, and the attacker betrays much in that act.. his skill level, his true ability, speed, etc.. we "game" a fight in this way, JKD is quite scientific, and Bruce was a true genius in this regard. Read his "Tao of Jeet Kune Do" for more info.

    Then, in my early 30's my dream materialized: I took JKD instruction from a young friend (Who was protege' to a certified JKD instructor, certified by Dan Inosanto School of Martial Arts in LA.. Dan was one of Bruce Lee's personal friends and starred in his last intended movie "Game of Death". Dan's art, way back then was Philipino Kali/Escrima weapons) and of course I trained under the senior instructor as well, Mark Ashton, who imparted to me the essense of this art, which is impossible to learn except in person.

    If you wish to see Dan fighting Bruce in his prime: There is a new release of the missing footage from Bruce's last movie, properly sequenced, I found my copy at Fred Meyers in the DVD section. Dan is still alive and teaching in LA, Cali. Look for "Game of Death".

    So, I entered a much larger world of real world fighting concepts, a matrix of techniques from 26 different arts, and learned the use of stick, knife, short sword, improvised weapons, etc.. it was a dream of mine since I had first seen a Bruce Lee film, the small, dynamite fighter taking on multiple opponents, but I was still uncertain if his "art" was for real.. it is! and the cool thing about JKD is the artist can continue to grow as long as he/she lives and wishes to learn new truths.

    The studio closed and I continued JKD by attending (commuting with my jr instructor friend) Kelley Worden's Renegade JKD school in Tacoma. These days I'm looking into taking Akido Budo and Brazilian JJ, as balances, and I am definitely going to train in the future with my most admired JKD/Kali instructor, Tom Cruse. This guy is hard core and if I were in a trench and the zombies were coming over the top, I'd want him there.. :lol: rockets:

    Tom's training videos/DVDs:

    I have collected a large library of training tapes/dvds from many different arts, and I train privately with a few persons, including stick sparring with SCA helmets and full padding. Have collected a wide array of Asian and medieval weapons, for personal training in the subtle natures of each weapon, and due to my historical interest in my family line (The western weapons)

    I know that there are others here who train in various and martial arts go together like beer, billiards and BBQ..let's hear from ye 8)
  2. Well I didn't have such a "nice" childhood. My mother was extremely unstable emotionally and took out her rage on me starting at around age 6, when she divorced my father and moved to Nebraska. She had to work 3 jobs just to eek out a living and I suppose the stress was just too much for her in that period in her life. Needless to say we were very poor and I was the punching bag, stress releif. I then went to a school where there was TJ, AJ, Shad, and I....the 4 white kids. My first day of school I saw Shad get snapped with some of the fastest jabs I had ever seen......not that this was a big surprise in a poor neighborhood schoolground, but the surprise was that he was getting whooped on by a nappy headed little girl that threw punches faster than I certainly knew how. I thought to myself, I'm in the wrong place.

    That school was literally like a pack of wolves and I embarked on weeks of fighting and learning how to defend myself and look for certain body language that tells you it's comming. My mom decided to enroll me in tai boxing with the only Korean (at that time) to have won a championship in tai boxing in tailand. After 5 years of tai boxing, shoot fighting, and Master Kims own special brand of martial arts, I became the Nebraska state tai boxing champion at age 12. This is when I finally didn't let my mother hit me anymore and she sent me back over to Lewiston to live with my dad stating she just couldn't handle me anymore. What she meant to say was that she just couldn't hit me anymore.

    I then went on to get into many viscious street fights as I had a lot of inner rage issues to deal with and frankly, most people here had no idea how to fight. There is just something about breaking bones that makes people nauseous :shock: Luckily I never got convicted of anything (or I wouldn't have been able to be in the medical field) and spent the better part of my 20's learning how to grow up and deal with anger and stress. I've got an excellent handle on it now and enjoy helping people get better instead of helping them get worse. Fighting was never a good answer, but do I miss it?......well yeah, sounds bad huh? It just gives you a serious shot of adrenaline and I guess that might be one of the reasons I raced for 6 years. All I know is that no one ever wins a fight, but with my past experience I do pretty much always feel safe in any situation and feel like I can protect my family should the need arise. If I can avoid it though, I'll gladly take that route cuz it's just so much less stressful in the end. I'm always up for sparring with gloves and pads though :mrgreen:

  3. Sounds like you overcame your early trauma/situation and made something of yourself. That's the ultimate thing you can do on this planet. Now you can help others with your experience and discipline.. discipline is something that grows and grows as the years go by, if you're one of those who get the victory over themselves.

    I have a complete set of training gear: Stick fighting armor of course, including SCA type helmets and Hatch brand prison-riot body armor, gloves, Focus mitts, Muay Thai pads, (Muay Thai techniques are a part of JKD) kicking shields, "Bob", a Wavemaster and a heavy bag, sticks, training knives and swords (wood, plastic and also dulled real steel knives for Kali training patterns) staffs, nunchaku, etc.. if anyone of good character/dependable is looking for free JKD training I might offer it, if in return the student will show up regularly for training and stick patterns, with me. Can't have enough training partners.

    I have taught before and have set up a written training system, derived from the masters of this art. My JKD is of course a bit different from anyone else's JKD, that's what is so wonderful about it: Flexibility of your own version, after you complete the basic training, casting out what does not work for you and using other techniques that fit your physique and abilities. For instance I do not do high kicks, but I have added some very effective Praying Mantis Gung Fu trapping techniques and French Savate kicks not taught in basic JKD.
  4. I've done martial arts now maybe 14 yrs total. 2 of those being Hwarangdo when I was very young(elementary age), and 12 being Taekwondo. I've done a few tournaments and will totally agree that real world is nothing even close to what I do in the ring. Still training a bit in TKD, nothing formal though, not currently enrolled in a school. A couple of those years in TKD was teaching at my old school, so I know enough to at least keep in shape. I would like to find some kind of Kung-fu or Wushu training. I'm absolutely fascinated by their mastery of weapons, especially the staff, spear, and chain.

    Lacey area huh? I grew up around Oly, nice to see someone from familiar ground.