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Monday 5-23

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Beerbohm, May 17, 2005.

  1. [​IMG]
    Mostly SunnyHigh 78° whos up for a monday ride? Office depot noon.
  2. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    I will be there for sure this time. I was sick this week.

  3. might b available this week. we'll see ;)
  4. what office depot? By Northtown? Would love to ride on Mon.
  5. Yep the office depot by north town all are welcome styles and ability. I will be riding the Triump Magnet. O ya you coming fighterama.
  6. Big bike is coming together, just got the rearset back, new tach, fixed the reservoir temporarily until I dig up a really cheap one, and the body will be due back mon/tue/wed whenever the paint guy gets it shot and buffed. Ill be on the princess, which makes me ride like a totally different person. Where ya thinkin of going?

  7. werever it does not matter to me. I have never done the Cour d alene route. Just wanting to ride new roads.
  8. Have you gone through st. maries (ID) yet? rode it last week and the roads were clear.
  9. Anybody know about the Valley Chappel route? Clear yet?
  10. The chapel is still sandy, the corners dont get clean until june. Havent been to st maries but I heard the entire east side of the lake is pretty clean and rideable. Anyone been over blanchard pass or flowery trail yet?

  11. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin


    i crashed there. fun, though. someone pay their respects next time they ride by there.
  12. Yes I have been on the East side of Lake CDA about 3 weeks ago and it was supper clean. It was a good fast ride. That was the first time I have done that ride by myself and well I must say it was much faster going at my own pace. Anyway it was a good ride.
  13. I'm thinking the Valley Chapel is going to be all messed up do to the heavy rain we have had. Any one been or going out in the next day or 2?
  14. Nah, ValleyChapple really isnt that bad, I made a loop through it today, and the only spot that really had any sand in the corners was right at the 2 tigh U turns, other then that the roads were surprisingly clear.
  15. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    Depending on how long of a ride people want to go on.....and for lack of doing the same thing over again....we could do the route that takes us out through Spokane Res. I don't think Beer has done that one yet....or the CDA route is cool too.....

    Later in the afternoon though (assuming the weather is still good) I thought you and me Beer could go pick up Heather (from Allsport with the matching leather jacket/chaps from Icon) and take her out Dishman-Mica or something and help her to get some miles under her belt....
  16. I am game for anything let me know. This would be great to[​IMG].
  17. Did anyone go riding? I went by but no one was there? I know I'm a FNG to you all, was just wondering. I'll look for the next time theres a ride going.
  18. At first there was only two then there became 10 we did not leave spokane till about 2pm. I showed up at the depot at 12:10 or so then chels then the guy who got the ticket then the guy who needs new tires then we went to the house of the second guy who got a ticket then waited then went for a ride. It was a crazy fast ride to cour d lane but pretty melow on the way back.
    Just so you know Sideburns nobody cares if your fng the more the merryer. I go riding every monday and sunday I will post up closer to the weekend.
  19. Thanks to Chelsea & Jared for waving me, It was ncie to meet you guys hope to make the meeting on Wednesday. Sorry I couldn't ride, but thanks for letting me know where to meet people to ride with.

  20. Welcome to the forum josh, glad to have ya along. I always see bikes out there in the Liberty Lake area, do you know any of those out there?

    How long have you been riding?