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Monday 5-30

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Beerbohm, May 29, 2005.

  1. Office depot on division noon go for ride maybe lunch. Post up so we know if we need to wait for anybody.
  2. can i can i can i huh huh huh :bounce: :bounce:

  3. Depending on the response I get for a WSU ride, I might show up. Probably not, though, need to spend more time with the GF.
  4. Bring her I am bringing mine maybe we can share?
  5. If we meet up right before Noon and head out around noonish, I'm game to ride!
  6. LOL, I'll see what she has to say about that. We'd have to take it real easy, I ride like a grandma when someone's riding pillion, even moreso when it's my SO.
  7. I am up for it. See Ya there.
  8. would love to go, but me and a couple buds are probably heading over to the silver dollar bar for brunch
  9. I have to do some running around till about 1ish so noon will not work for me. I take it pretty slow with my lady on the back as well. so you and I can buddy up.
    ps as long as she don't know she can't say no
  10. So are we meeting at Noon or 1?
  11. Holey crap I don't make sence when I have been drinking!!!! I will be there at noon if. I might be 10 minutes late but I will be there. Just incase 998-1247 then you can call and leave nasty messages and tell me what a looser I am. Its good for my confidence.
  12. Fun ride all. Sorry I had to cut out before the second leg.

    PS: Beans keep an eye on that car in front of you :mrgreen:
  13. Yeah I know! Nice to meet more of ya, had a nice turnout and a long ride through way more twisties then I knew existed in Idaho. Went through Cougar Gulch and everywhere around. It took us about an hour to get from Post Falls to CDA through all the back roads.

    I took some pics, will post later, but I gotta work on some work stuff with deadlines before the ride tomorrow is under way.