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more '05 gsxr1k frame trouble...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by jezterr, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

  2. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    Wow. I read the whole thread, but the bandwith for the pictures was spent. I'll have to look at them later. That HD rider better hope that nobody knows where he lives.

  3. I saw that the other day, didnt post it cause of the bandwidth for the pics being exceeded.
  4. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    Does the bandwidth ever get reset on photobucket? Hour/day/week/never? I still haven't seen the pictures yet.
  5. it gets reset every month, dont know if it is calendar or account time. i havent seen the pics yet either. thats why you open more than 1 photobucket acct.
  6. Thanks for the web link...that frame sucks! And with Suzuki's website saying it is unchanged for next year, hope they do a recall on the frame.
  7. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    they went from two reinforcing ribs to one and are now using a structure that's basically an unsupported, long tube for the frame. what the hell did they expect?
  8. Hard to beleive that accident was as slow as they say it was. Just seems like we would have seen this sort of thing in the races with as weak as that seems to be.
  9. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    HAHAHA, F**king Suzuki, thats what happens when you buy the cheapest brand of the four great bike builders out there!

    Good luck telling your insurance about that one! Hopefully everyone that bought the new 1000 has an extended warranty!
  10. Matt.......put the crack pipe down!!!!!!!!! :thefinge:
  11. Suzuki has been really trying to shave pounds. I have a technical update sent to dealers, I will have to look it over. My concern was the wheels if you saw the piece missing out of my rear wheel on my 1k then you would be concern about the wheels too.

    I am still not sure if my tire went down first or if the wheel went to pieces and then the tire went down. Don't think I will be picking up an 05 now.
  12. I wouldn't get too carried away with all the rhetoric - I've seen the pictures and that bike was not just put put putting along - and if it did a cartwheel or something like that it's going to be a total anyway you cut it - the forks were tweaked big time and that in it self would total it - so if the guy has insurance which he should have he'll have a new bike - if not, well then he's out a bike - don't think for a minute it's a Suzuki thing - all these bikes are pushing the limits and a 355 pound bike hitting an 800 pound Hardley is going to do what it did - and from the pictures you can't really tell what really happened - the forks were tweaked on the Hardley too so that must mean something hit pretty damn hard or it hit something pretty darn good -

    I seriously doubt there are any issues with the frames - btw I was at Bill's HeliArc ( a very cool shop in Hillyard today) and he an 03 Honda Gold Wing all torn apart doing a major weld job on the lower part of the frame - Honda is paying for it and he's done over 30 of them - it's part of a recall on the 02/03 Gold Wings - apparently they are having cracking and stress problems with their frames but are very quietly fixing all the bikes on the road at no charge- there is a 30 page manual that went with the repair telling the shop exactly what to do and how to do it- we'll know for sure within a short time if there are any issues with Suzuki frame with the hundreds of 1000's racing every weekend - and so far as I know there has been only one known frame issue and that was a guy going over 125 mph and hitting something, most frames are toast at that speed anyway -and are a total -

    Steve Berde
  13. If I sounded defensive I didn't mean to be - It's just that sometimes when you read these things they gain a life of their own and nobody knows what the real truth is - if you look at the picture of the bike I'd be very surprised this was a simple 30 mph low side into the front of the Hardley - looks a lot more suspicious than that to my eye and I"m no expert but it was in pieces for sure - and why would the guys move the bike from the scene of the accident even though there was a lot of traffic - that's what the cops do -I have a doubt in my mind on that one - the local police or state patrol should be able to replicate it if in fact the Hardley was in the guys lane as the skid marks and skid marks on the pavement will establish a lot - I don't think they'll automatically blame it on the sport riders unless there is reason to think he may have been doing something dumb - but who knows - there are always going to be differing stories - hopefully the witnesses will be able to tell the authorities what really happened and the state patrol wil be able to replicate the entire incident just the way they do on CSI -- right? sure, we all know how factual and authentic that is -

  14. Steve,

    I totally agree with you-- don't believe the hype!

    When the bike has lost some weight, it ultimately sacrificed strength where it counts (FOR THE LONG HAUL). But this bike was NOT intended to be a 30K touring/street bike... nor was it designed to survive a crash and get rebuilt for the next race... on the contrary, it's design is to win with horsepower at the lowest weight possible. And consider a crash on the track. You wanna push one large piece of metal out of the way, or two less heavy pieces of scrap?

    Expectation is what it's all about. You want a featherweight 1 litre? You get to look forward to a total loss in case of accident-- however slight it might be. You want a bike that will take a lickin' and keep on ticken? You buy a BMW or Motoguzzi.
  15. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    picked this up from another forum...

    "There are now 9 reported cracked and or broken 05 Gixxer 1000 frames in Ontario. This was reported by Tri City Cycle in Guelph Ont and they are a Suzuki dealer."
  16. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    agreeable to a point, but when bikes disintegrate from a minor lowside or even a tipover, that's a bit much, dontcha think?

  17. Yes, I agree, that is extreme-- Suzuki needs to investigate!