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More 1:1 opportunity; Monday, Tuesday

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Clay G, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. I have Monday and Tuesday of the upcoming weeks available from 11-3 for one on one instruction / training.

    If you have any doubt as to whether this is something that may be 'right' for you, bounce me a pm and let's chat it out... odds are I can help you through the current hurdle you are facing (assuming it is not how to shave 2 seconds off your 'McNamee time' or a tenth of a second off your lap times at PIR)...

    Specficially: 'newer' riders; folks 'uncomfortable' in the twisties; someone that feels 'lost' in turns; anyone that has Suicide Reactions :shock: -EVER.

    I do not ask for, nor require payment of any kind. I do hope to video our discussions and some of our riding.

    Let me know through pm if you are interested.
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  2. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    perhaps a stupid question but what qualifies you to offer this "training"?
    have or do you work for a motorcycle training organization and just like to offer that knowledge for free on the side or something?

  3. I smell good... crackup:

    I'm cute... (Tara thinks so!!!) :mfclap:

    I have a red bike... -a red GIXXER!! :thefinge:


    Seriously: ONE piece of advice to everyone: Yard Sale is RIGHT for questioning me – YOU (new riders) should ALWAYS question!!! There are a lot of VERY good intentioned riders out there trying to help – but they aren’t always (I’m not always) ‘right’ with the advice they give!!! Example: someone telling a rider with 1000 miles under her belt that she needs to start moving her butt off the seat is probably not the ‘perfect’ advice for that rider, at that time – but it also may not be technically ‘wrong’ either… NEW RIDERS: here is the :secret::

    NEVER, ever ride at a pace, in a place, or in a group where you are not COMFORTABLE! If you are ‘nervous’, or ‘tight’ or ‘scared’ – SLOW DOWN NOW!!!!

    as far as 'qualifications':

    been a professional trainer in a variety of roles, technologies and sports for over 20 years... (US Navy Nuclear Power Trainer - 4 years; 6 years as a Varian Semiconductor Ion Implanter Senior Trainer (customers like Samsung, Intel, etc,,.); 6 years Intel employee, certified trainer; another 8 years in the tech industry constantly either as a primary role of training or as a collateral job); 2 years snowboard instructor (east coast, Sunday River Maine - VERY different training on the east coast hard pack than out here in the powder); been on a bike 14 years now - training new riders for at least 6 of those...

    Performed over 150 group 'new rider rides'; and at least 100 "one on one" custom training sessions...

    I also have been given one of the best blessings on this planet: an Alabama public school high school diploma!!! (which I jokingly use to say that in order for me to understand something I need to figure it out to a B A S I C level... then I can apply those basics all the way 'up' to the operator level at a bunch of different 'levels'. That and all of the training training, I have experienced over the decades of professional training, gives me a GIFT that I am proud of: I have a knack of figuring out 'where' someone is in their progression, then helping them get over what ever hurdle they see).

    There is also ONE key thing that is sorta :secret: when it comes to my 'new rider group rides'... I have learned that there is basically no way to SAFELY 'train' a GROUP of people something as complex as the intricacies of controlling a sport bike well. So the PRIMARY :secret: (secret) of those group rides is that the big focus is on the mentality surrounding SURVIVING riding a sport bike. I actually have met NO ONE else that tells riders the things I tell them, with the enthusiasm, directness, clarity and sometimes FORCE that I do... what is it that I tell them?

    Ty?? (since Ty may not be reading this, at this point he would say "SLOW THE F&^K DOWN!!!)" :mrgreen:


    a few other factors / motivations

    1. I honestly feel I have saved at least dozens, if not hundreds, of lives with the combination of the groups and the small group one on one training sessions.

    2. I KNOW that I have received consistent positive feed back surrounding what I do and how I do it. (a LOT of it – from a HUGE group of diverse riders)

    3. Tell me where else you can receive EXCELLENT, customized, direct, clear, and in depth attention, time and commitment surrounding something like this 4 hours of sport bike training - FOR FREE... :)

    4. There have been a few individuals that don’t appreciate my style of training – I spend the first hour of these custom sessions ensuring several key things about the trainee: trainee is ‘ready’ and ‘willing’ to be trained in the areas I feel we need to focus on; I am willing and able to train that individual (I have turned down several prospective trainees because either they were not mature enough for me to trust their motivations or I didn’t feel like we could ‘work’ effectively together); the bike, road conditions, trainee’s gear, trainee’s licensed; etc…

    finally - I have had several, certified by the MSF (team oregon), trainers (and a LOT of VERY experienced riders and racers) 'audit' what I am doing specifically to ensure I am not showing 'bad crap', with no negative feed back at all.

    Soooo – I like the :popcorn: for this thread – would be very interested to get some ‘public’ feed back from those that have experienced my training…

    Warning – There are folks out there that love to see ‘drama’ so much that they will try and spin folks up with no justification, I’ll try to avoid reacting.

    Also – there ARE folks out there that believe that if someone throws their leg over a bike and doesn’t ‘automatically’ just KNOW how to be safe, and how to ride, then they shouldn’t be riding. I disagree with that philosophy – I believe just about anybody can be trained anything.

    Also – there are MANY different beliefs surrounding styles of training… I’ve actually had discussions with people that think that reading is useless; or that direct training is useless; or that video analysis is useless… or almost any other thing you can imagine. BUT – I have proven to myself that there IS a valid application to almost any style of training or learning. That the KEY to being a good trainer isn’t to develop a good method, but instead to develop as many methods as possible in order to be successful training to as many different LEARNER styles as possible.


    One other ‘thing’… motivation… I’ve seen more crashes than I can count. I’ve lost several friends, countless ‘acquaintances’ (that are more like family because of the riding connection), and am aware of simply TOO many other rider’s losses to NOT offer this. One friend in particular has tried to offer something similar to what I provided for about 2 years a couple years ago – then he died (not bike related). But – he wasn’t as effective at helping new riders as I was (am). Then – I hit a deer, Then I rolled up on a newby crash scene, Then I found out about Gary J’s crash and death in the bay area, Then Bill and Q… basically – I KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the message I have to give NEEDS to be out there, and I’m gonna keep giving it…

    Any other questions?
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  4. Clay is a good man! New riders can learn alOT from this guy. I wish something or someone took the time when I was new. Couldve saved me lots of money and embarrassment :)
    Keep it up Clay!
  5. i think its good of you that your using your free time to help out the newbies and give them some knowledge that is usually painful and expensive to aquire by themselves, keep up the good work!
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  6. Clay's a good dude who actually gives a fuck about helping people and not just being another innerwebz douchenozzle.

    I've been sweep on a few of his new rider rides. He gives great feedback and pays attention to what people are doing that could cause them to crash and helps them stop those bad habits.

    If you question his methods of helping new riders, why don't you come down off that high horse and check it out?
  7. If I lived in OR, I'd be in!
  8. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

    I like you, Yard Sale.
  9. yard sale is RIGHT, bold and intelligent to pose the question --- when you are deciding to do something like... ride in a group - YOU should ask questions, you should think about how they look, how their bikes look, their tires, the gear they are wearing, their moods - EVERYTHING so you have an idea how that ride is 'going to go'. So, yardsale - thanks!

    hope that everyone is a little more comfortable that maybe that 'soil' guy may have an idea what he's doin'...

    stay safe!!!!
  10. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    I appreciate your reply as well as what you are doing. So much incorrect info get spread here I had to ask. I hope you keep at it & people continue to take you up on your offer. Very cool of you.

    If this was directed at me you can go fuck yourself. He made no mention of his methods or qualifications in his op. I made my post out of concern for new riders & nothing else. If it wasn't directed at me then my bad but you still came off pointlessly harsh imho.

    @op sorry again for the derail.
  11. Good question Yard Sale.

    First, let me start out by saying I always thought Clay smelled kind of funny, and I’ll have to take Tara’s word on Clay being cute, because I just don’t roll like that. ;)

    Seriously though, I unequivocally vouch for Clay’s new rider sessions. They are absolutely great, and in my IMHO, Clay’s new rider rides have very likely saved lives

    I have been riding on and off for 25 years, and bought my 5th bike this spring after a 6 year riding hiatus. I attended Clay’s new rider rides much of the summer, and attended one track day. I now know what I did not know before, that there is real technique on how to ride. I now feel much more comfortable on my rides and in the corners. Clay made me aware of and significantly reduced my survival reactions (I won’t say eliminated, but I’m always improving), improved my riding technique, and I now feel much more comfortable (and faster) in my cornering. I know I still have more to learn.

    Not everyone can afford Team Oregon training, or a 2Fast track day. Clay’s donation of his knowledge, time, and even his gas each week for new rider sessions is one of the most valued contributions resulting from this forum! The motorcycle community owes you a huge THANK YOU Clay.

    I would be all over Clay’s offer for more training, but just tore my calf muscle, so I’m out for the rest of the riding season. Can’t really corner well if I can’t get my butt off the seat. I look forward to improving my technique next year.

  12. I never listened to Clay and I've crashed like 10 times. Coincidence? I think not. :devil:
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  13. dude, Tara and I just laughed for like ten minutes!!


    (I've always liked this emoticon because it says: "mfclap" in it! :mrgreen:

    funny - NONE of those crashes were on my rides either! I'm pretty sure you're like the ONLY guy in OR can say that he didn't crash on one of my rides - right? :shock:

  14. ummmm

    yes, you can.


    :ninja: (I'll send you that gift certificate for your new porsche tomorrow!!!) :ninja:
  15. Hey yard sale- Please forgive melbs? Gotta be honest, first time I read your post I was all "who the..." then chilled, re-read it, and realized you weren't a typical interwebz instigator. :)

    So- instead of leaving it with just "I smell good", I kept answering. Folks are just proGrammed to assume folks are starting crap...

    But you weren't! :)

    Hav a great- AND SAFE day everybody!!!
  16. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    i know melbs. i'm also quite the instigator i'm told so in hind sight i may have been a bit harsh in my reaction to his harsh reaction.

    i'm glad you took the time to write what you did in response to my post. it shows you have the wherewithal to assess situations and react accordingly.

    also i lol'd @mfrankpdx's post but could not rep thanks to guff the smelly hippie.
  17. mfrankpdx -that cracked me up
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  18. interwebz instigator...

    don't take cornering advice for a person who hasn't a single mark on his pucks...:thefinge:

    if nothing else, he does use the Keith Code book.

  19. Often times those with a 'single mark' on their pucks should prolly not be followed either- they prolly got that scuff from a stop sign incident or something!! :-0

    Plus- I can buy used pucks online! :)

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