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Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by beansbaxter, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. I'm not nearly as familiar with Idaho's southern region, but where are the hot spots besides Boise and Pocatello?
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    Idaho Falls and Rexburg are fairly large. I haven't meet any riders from that area though. Around Boise you have Merridian, Nampa, Caldwell. Rupert is south west of Idaho Falls. I think those are the bigger areas of Southern Idaho...

  3. A little slow to post on this, but twin falls/burley/jerome area has a lot of people as well...twin falls is a decent sized place, bigger than pocatello and idaho falls im pretty sure..there is prolly a lot of riders in that area.
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    Nampa, Got it! Napa's access roads are under water! Swim! Swim!
  5. Dude, it's Nampa. Napa is in California.

    OK, Treasure Valley = Boise/Meridian/Nampa/Caldwell/Kuna/Eagle. Greater Metro Area is about 400k bodies. Sometimes we roll in the population of Ontario OR just across the state line. Biggest pop center between Portland and Salt Lake or Seattle and Salt Lake as the crow flies. <Spokangelinos can pipe down on this claim. Spokane is the biggest pop center between Seatown and Minneapolis/St. Paul> Colleges in this area are Boise State, Northwest Nazarene (Nampa), Albertson's College of Idaho (Caldwell) and Treasure Valley CC in Ontario.

    Next place of interest going ~45 min eastward on I-84 is Mountain Home. Not sure how big it is, but a huge Air Force base is located there. A few riders in that part of the world.

    Going another hour or so that way and you get to the Magic Valley = Twin Falls/Jerome/Burley. Around there are the burgs of Hagerman, Oakley, Rupert. Not sure of the GMA but I figure 80k at least. Soul spoke of this area in his post above. The only dealer I know of there is a Harley dealership. College of Southern Idaho is located in Twin. Twin's pop is about 40k.

    Go north of Twin Falls for 90 minutes or so and you roll into Sun Valley. The towns are Hailey/Ketchum/Bellevue. Can't remember if Sun Valley is a town proper or the region. In any case, it's way upscale, resort community kind of stuff. Population can't be more than 40k.

    I've only been east of Twin Falls once and that was to Pokie to play in ISU's 20 MeV electron beam for work. Pocatello is a university town, 3rd (?) largest city in Idaho. I believe Nampa took over the #2 spot a couple of years back and Pokie and Idaho Falls swap places every other week with pop's of around 50k each. IF exists because of the Idaho National Engineering Lab - a nuclear research area kind of like Hanford. IF is about 40 minutes north of Pocatello.

    That's about all I have for Southern Idaho census information.

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    Dude, stay out of the ID forum and come back to WA. We miss your intellectural diatribes.
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    mountain home....

  8. That's funny, Mrs. rtc_id calls them "Acute onset Tourette's syndrome". My co-workers call them "just shy of going postal rants". I like to think of them as a public service.

    I'm around, I'm just selective in what I'll spout off at. Besides, I don't want my "home forum" to be empty.

  9. who is mrs rtc_id? is she registered like mrs snake?
  10. My wife, the mother of my children, my better half, CEO of the family unit (she's management, I'm labor), etc.

    Nope, she's not registered. She doesn't ride street but has an endorsement. She didn't like the traffic so we got rid of her 650 V-star and now she and my daughters ride dirt. Well, the 4 year old is a tank ornament right now, she can't ride a bicycle yet and training wheels on a CRF50 is just sick and wrong. The deal with the rugrats is that as soon as they can ride a bicycle, I'll get them a dirt bike. I want my girls to learn to ride so when they get older, they'll be less inclined to be a motorcycle passenger with some no account uber squid. They'll understand what 2 wheels can and can't do and they'll understand who should be doing it. Oh, that and I like to clean my guns when they bring boys over. Oh, I've done it again, I'm on my way to rant. Never mind.

    So, um no, Mrs. rtc_id isn't registered.

  11. Theres a little town, maybe 10k people right after leaving/entering yellowstone on 20. Everytime i go through there, theres always a couple dozen bikes. Im wondering if its people up from Idaho falls and rexburg or just tourists. Im hoping the riding scene is better than internet usage of locals from Boise. Hate to ride in all those mountains alone all the time if i move there.
  12. You're talking about West Yellowstone (the town of). It's a nice little burgh that relies on tourism. The bikes there could be from anywhere but there.

    The riding scene in Idaho is great. You won't need a group to make it interesting. It's fine just by yourself.

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