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More dirt

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by wadel, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. I met up with the guys this morning and hit Spiral with them. We then headed down the river and I parted ways at Steptoe canyon. Some pics from my little dirt ride.

    That'll buff out.

    Overlooking the Snake on Rimrock road.

    Who says people never take their Lexus SUV off road? This rig had a university apartment parking sticker. I'm sure mommy and daddy will pay the tow fee.

    What's odd is it looked like it had been there awhile. No fresh tracks through the snow or mud.

    These signs mean good roads ahead.

    I wimped out here and turned around. Didn't want to end up like the lexus.

    What I found when I got home. Crap. It doesn't appear to be leaking so I'm hoping it missed the tube.
  2. looks like you had a good time after you split up with us. We had a few exciting adventures of our own. I'll post up some pics and the stories. :D

  3. too? Damn.
  4. You sure that wasnt a dump job? That car hasnt moved in a while.... no new tracks.
  5. +1 might be worth calling the police

    btw, I'm super jealous of the dual sport. nice purchase!
  6. wasn't stripped and there were fresh tracks going by in the pic...chances are some idiot college kid was out showing off his "4x4" skillz, heard something go "pop" like a rock in the wheel well and got scared, decided to check it out and promptly dropped it into 3 feet of mud when he "pulled over"...
  7. It did look like it had been there for awhile. I think they went out during the last snow and got it stuck then. Not sure why they haven't retrieved it yet unless the tow trucks won't go out that road yet (Ben - what's the policy on towing from muddy road?).

    I did send an email to the Pullman PD just in case. It had a Campus Commons North parking permit so I'm sure it's just an idiot college student with parents with big pockets.

    I think that nail got the tube. It was a little over 30 last night and was 25 this morning. Guess I'll be practicing my roadside tire repair skills.
  8. I see I was not the only one with tire problems
  9. Bummer about the nail. Holy cow were cruising down spiral on the DS. We definitely need to organize some DS rides this summer.
  10. 35 hp of pure power! After doing spiral many, many times on a bike that weighs 200+ pounds more and takes some effort to work through at a good clip, the DR is cakewalk. With a pure street tire on the front and some more twisty experience (that was my first twisty run on it)... :evil4: I really need another set of rims.

    I plan on getting lots of dirt time this year. I'm having too much fun off the pavement. :mrgreen:
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