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Mother Nature is such a tease! It's not spring yet!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Gixxer1k04, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. It's not even February and we are having spring-like weather with lots of sun and temps in the 50's ... ARGGHHHHH!!!!

    It's so tempting to take the bike out of Winter storage and go for a few spins, but I know that as soon as I do that, M.N. will punish me and keep it cold and miserable until April.

    I just have to keep telling myself that there is too much gravel on the road... yeah, that's it :(
  2. I tell myself the gravel thing as well. Plus I dont want to rechange my oil before it sits during these dormant months. My 12 is sitting up on stand after that last oil change still, plastics arent even on it.

    But what the hell...I am itching to ride. This 50+ degree weather just might make a nice quick trip around Lake CDA hehe...keep your eye out in the Rides section whooohooooo

  3. I've been riding fore about 2 weeks its fine! Lets all go riding sometime
  4. I pulled my Radian out after upgrading the steering head bearings with Nick B. Of course, for my 9 AM class today I had to wipe off a quarter inch of frost, but it's still close to riding weather!
  5. You boys down in Pullman been hitting up Spiral? I might just make a quick trip down there this weekend, leave early and get back early, dang I miss it! There are lots of bikes cruising around in Spokane right now. Skibum is riding his 6RR, met some new riders in the area and passed word about the site. Guff, RadarLovinDj and I are thinkin of gettin together for a quick run perhaps.

    Wait I need to keep reminding myself there is gravel and just leave the darn bike parked until March (sigh)...we'll see.