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Moto Coast trip

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Wild Angel, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. So I plan to head down the Oregon Coast July 30-Aug 4th :mfclap: my boyfriend and I will be on two wheels with Tent packed.:evil4:

    I am looking for tips for sites to see but MOST of ALL places to camp and FREE is BEST.
    So we plane to just follow the coast line down headed from Spokane WA. to Portland to the Coast and from there we head South to Cali to the Redwood Forest. This is a back of Bike living trip so we will not be packing food just what we need clothes and tent. So any Moto tips on sleep site and cheap places to eat would be great for our trip.
    Also if you know of any Road Hazards/construction that would be great.

    Thanks everyone! :mrgreen:
  2. I got 9 acres you can camp on free next to a river off of hwy 53 in Oregon. PM me if it fits into your plans.

  3. I live in North Bend. Depending on when you come through I can give you a tow on some of the good local roads. I know where some good camping is, not sure how much of it is free though.
  4. You have a beautiful place, and a super fun road in!
  5. any BLM land in oregon is free to camp on. find a forest service road with a wide spot in the road, pitch tent, get drunk.
  6. Thanks Ana, don't tell them about the monsters that live here crackup: When you comming back?
  7. I wanna do this same kind of trip same way at some point! Have fun.
  8. If you find yourselves near Amboy Washington, PM me. We have 5 acres and some places to pitch a tent or give you a roof to stay under.
  9. We went over some maybe road routes last night still not set in stone the plan is to work on it more tonight to get it final. Thank you everyone for the offers Iwill run this by Kurt tonight when we make plans. Looks like the weather is high 60's? I may have to pack my heated We hope to make it to the Redwoods by Thursday we leave Spokane Tues. Night.
  10. Well it looks like the route is Spokane HWy 395 South to about Umatilla for over night camp, Tomorrow we get up head 84 West to Portland straight to Astoria and from Astoria South on the 101; Cannon Beach, Rockaway Beach, and hope to make Tillamook area by Wed. Eve for a night of camping and chees tour :)
    Thursday is 101 south tto Cape Look out park, Lincoln city and we plan to only go as far as Florence so we have more beer drinking beach side time. So far the plan is the head home Friday teh same way we came....unless that changes and well when your on Vaca Two wheels you always have room for change!
    We leave tonight after work! hurry up 5 o'clock! it is my Friday!
  11. If you take a ride down the coast and don't hit 53 you're missing out. Nehalem (norainy's area) is just south of cannon beach where your only options are an rv park on both ends of town neither very nice.
    Whatever you end up doing I highly recomend beer at bills tavern and food across the street at driftwood while in cannon beach.

    for astoria, Colombian Cafe for food and fort George brewery for beer.

    Ooh and brick oven pizza at hawk creek cafe in Neskowin 7mi north of Lincoln city.
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  12. Me and my girl just got back from 6 days of camping in Oregon. Buy a book called "Camping in the Northwest" or something similar. They have it at Barnes and Noble in the "local" section. About $25 and it's got HUNDREDS of camping spots in Washington and Oregon, including how much they cost, phone numbers to call, directions, descriptions etc. We stayed at a few over the last weekend, agreed with most of what was said!
  13. WOW what a trip we made it all in one peice...1500k miles I have to give props to a Pulled pork sandwich we had in Astroia $5 at the BBQ place downtown next to the china buffett we skipped the Buffet for a fellow riders business he hooked us up right with the best food for the best price! So if ever in Astoria find the place it is well worth it!
    We did end up camping at the State parks found out even if the sign said FULL check anyways they had a place available.
    The heat in Central OR. SUCKED at record highs in the 100 thank gosh for Creaks and streams to jump fully clothed into the water for a wet ride to stay cool.
    But man what an amazing place the three capes ride along the Ocean is a good one to hit and Look Out camp was great along with Beach Side those were the two best camp grounds Ft. Stevens was good for the fact that you could walk the beach for MILES as we did with really no body around. Head south and the beaches get rocky but still very pretty!
    You Oregon Peeps have some great views but still some crappy roads I found that are not great for Motos with big pot holes/sand/and rocks on the roads in some places.
  14. Nice!! I love that trip. My husband and I rode from Spokane to the Oregon
    Coast last month and had a blast. We did Spokane to Seaside in the first day and then just enjoyed riding the coast a bit the next day. Had to get back the day after so it was a quick one. Debated several routes and figured we'd take one way there and another back but we liked Highway 12 so much (after the freeway to Yakima) that we ended up taking the same route home as well. Just over 1000 miles. Not bad for my little 250, lol. Though it may have been more comfortable than my husbands CBR.
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