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Motocorso or Ducati of Seattle?

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by Vegasrider, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Since there is no Ducati dealership here in Boise, I will have to get my new Mulltistrada from either of these two places. Maybe Salt Lake?

    Any Ducati owners who can provide some honest pros and cons between the two dealerships?
  2. I had a great experience at Bellevue Ducati. sales guy named Cameron. They gave me top dollar on my trade and a very smooth no pressure sale on my 2013 Multistrada. Seattle Ducati is another nice shop. My brother has bought two DUCs there with no complaints...

  3. I have purchased two Ducatis from Ducati Seattle with only good things to report. My most recent experience working with Brett Fladseth and the rest of the folks at Ducati Seattle was particularly enjoyable.

  4. +1

    Cameron got me squared away on my '13 multi back in June. Fair price on the trade and a fair price on the bike.

    John and the boys in service have also always treated me well.

    And I know you didn't throw Bellevue in there but if you're considering a ducati you mine as well look at all three. Call and talk to the sales people to get the feel of how they operate and go from there. Ultimately it may also come down to inventory.
  5. I've been happy at motocorsa. Willing to bet you won't lose at either place. Pick what town appeals to you more.
  6. It's a much better ride to Eugene! John Day, Prineville, to Sisters then Eugene. We have a small Duc shop here to and it's where I bought my Monster a few years back and I would buy from them again. Much better than riding I-84 all the way home. My daughter goes to Boise State and I have made that ride several times, love getting into eastern Oregon.
  7. You won't find a greater cast of real characters than at Motocorsa. I have bought an 1198 Corse and a Pikes Peak from them. Check out their website.
  8. all 3 mentioned are good shops. Remember its a long drive to get a dashlight reset! New models have service lights that come on at preset intervals ( my pani was 600 miles), needing Factory reset device only available at dealerships. You can ride with it lit but it is a distraction for sure... most initial services are able to be self completed. Pani-s 600 reset changes dash display (not sure of other models). New bikes say 15K service first interval, however there is a full service recommended at 7500K as well (i think mostly fluids/chain ect). I dont think your 15K service will be a "same day", not sure of the 7500 service... hotels, weekend stays, coordinating service, waiting on parts (worst case) resulting in multiple trips to drop off and pickup bike from dealership....
    Do your homework, see if you really want a duc being so far from a dealership:popcorn:!
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  9. Looking at the map, don't rule out Salt Lake, good rep as well. Locally Bellevue has the best Ducati knowledge base and experience.
  10. spolic

    spolic Ducati Pilot

    spokane has a ducati dealer. That's about all I know about it though.
  11. I had no idea that Bellevue had a dealership, but they will also now be on my short list.

    My mind has been set on a Multistrada since I saw one down in California back in 2009. Even though the bike has changed since then, it's been a dream bike for me and anything else will be a disappointment. Realistically, I'm not in the best financial situation to own one, as the cost of the scheduled service alone is very expensive. But I will get a loan this year and go for it, the Grantoursimo. But I can justify it, I'm single, and my only mode of transportation is a motorcycle.

    I have thought about the consequences for living in a city that does not have a Ducati Dealership. Heck, the first break in service is at 500 miles, by the time I ride my new bike back to Boise from Seattle or Portland, it due service! There is one or two local shops who have experience working on Ducati's and are willing to work on the bike, but they did mention if it's going to effect the warranty, it's best not for them to work on it.

    I'm hoping that by the time it's due for the first major service, a Ducati Dealership has opened up here in Boise. Or hopefully, I have moved to a different city. Even though I have been in Boise for almost two years, when I moved, I never intended this place to be 100% permanent.

    I appreciates everyone's honest responses, which some are not publicly posted but sent via PM's.
  12. Ducati Seattle has their own dyno, and I know they can do "break in" runs on it. Talk to them about that, you could buy the bike from them, have them break it in on the dyno and do the first service before heading back. You may need to spend a few days here though.

    After the first 600 mile service, the next one is 15,000. I'd change the oil sooner (obviously), but that is shade-tree level stuff.

    Note: I've not bought a bike from Ducati Seattle, but Brett has always been a stand up guy, whether he worked at Ducati Bellevue or now Ducati Seattle. Ducati Bellevue has serviced my bike, and Ducati Seattle helped me get a new warranty tank for my 1098S. Both are excellent shops in my opinion.
  13. Ducati Seattle let me test ride an 848 when I had zero money and no intent on buying. That was back when Dave was there, though.

    The Bellevue guys have always been super friendly as well. Back when they were Eastside Motorsports, I took my F2 to them for new steering head bearings, as well as having tires mounted. They had good prices, fast service, and always checked my bike over and made sure everything else was good to go as well.
  14. Spokane has a dealer and does Westside

    I have had work done at Motocorsa and Ducati Bellevue. Bother provided a wonderful experience. Motocorsa has certainly been better about getting parts..shipped to me. Ducati Bellevue kinda has one frowned upon situation in where I was not told my bike was not going to be ready the date originally stated, and did not notify me til that day...not a huge deal but I was headed in from out of I had to stay a night. Both places provide excellent service.
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  15. Everything up until the 15k is pretty easy shade tree stuff-although there is the dash light to deal with. I bought one of the first 1200's in '10 and am still happy as hell. Motocorsa has always treated me right and they are even quick with helpful advice for the diy guy.

    The bike will never disappoint you.
  16. I totally second Bellevue Ducati :mfclap:
  17. For those who have the MTS or even a Duc, what forum do you recommend I join? I noticed that there is more than one.
  18. I think is pretty good.
  19. I've bought a Ducati from all 3( Seattle, Bellevue and motocorsa) all great to work with and awesome staff. Motocorsa is a little out of the way for me but still an awesome dealer, I usually find myself going to Bellevue Cameron the sales guy has been awesome to deal with and the service department has been awesome. Call around and see which dealer you like best and that will give you the best deal and you can't go wrong.
  20. When the time comes for me to contact the dealerships I will ask for Cameron up at Bellvue. For me the most important factor will be price and how willing they will go out of their way to possibly swapping the stock seat to a lowered seat. I stand 5-8 and even an inch difference will be a big plus. Oh and maybe a ride from the airport.

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