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MotoGP Sunday

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by beansbaxter, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Who is watching it and where? Wanna get together somewhere to watch it.

    What are you doing Berde for Sunday? Don't say shopping for a V-Rod!
  2. Berde's are stuck going to graduation parties all day Sunday -loads of family friends have kids graduating from high school this year - in fact the block I live on is being closed off tomorrow night 6-10 for a party ( city approval with all the neighbors agreeing, can you believe that?) as three girls that have lived here all their lives are graduating from LC - the parents all got together and are throwing a giant party for them 300 people invited - lots of food and there is a port a potty in front of my house tonight - should be quite the scene here tomorrow night - maybe the stunt guys ought to show up and give them a show!!!!

    No, just kidding about the stunts - but the party is for real -

    I am planning on riding tomorrow though - no particular plans anywhere -

    I'm taping the gp and will probably watch it Sunday night - you're welcome to come over and join me - give me a shout -


  3. party? girls? i know where you live, can i get some bbq for free.99?