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Motorcycle clubs

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by thrilagorila, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. New to Wenatchee, WA, could someone tell me about the local groups/MC's in this area and what my options are? Thanks!
  2. What are your intentions? If your looking for people to hang out with, and ride then welcome. If your trying to join a club, or MC, then I am of no help.

  3. Catholic Chess Project Foundation?
  4. going around on a forum asking for MC info isnt really a good way to get in. goto the local hog shops. start showing up more often you will see some patches that you want to talk to eventually.
  5. At the Buzz-In in East Wenatchee on Wednesdays, it is bike night. Last time I went there were 20 plus bikes. All cruisers except for mine. There were a lot of BACA guys there.
  6. Hey ! Just buy a bike with knobbies on it and come ride some dirt. We don't have cool leather vests covered in gay patches but we know how to ride and have a good time. If you are on this forum reading this and own a leather vest it probably is cool and the patches are not gay ! :mrgreen:
  7. I know of a few patches;

    Approach with caution, be polite and dont make any sudden moves. My grandma gets pissed when you get patches angry


    If you spot people with these patches, just walk right up tell them I sent you and you want to join.


    Don't forget to look for the most important thing, the rocker

  8. Patches O'houlihan ...

  9. This thread was one of the best "de-railments" I've seen in a while. Excellent job! That said there are several local clubs... a little inet search can go a long way.
  10. Sons of anarchy starts tomorrow at 9 on fx

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  11. I know I am going to sound like a noob, but what exactly is a motorcycle club. Is it like the harley guys? Do they just ride together? Or what?
  12. LMFAO!!! hilarious

  13. I'd rather watch grass grow.
  14. The thing about watching grass grow is eventually you have to frikin mow it ! And I have never watched son's of anarchy so you may be right ! I hear Honey Boo Boo is entertaining ! And NO I haven't watched that either.... The mom horrifies me ....
  15. I'd hit it.
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