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Motorcycle Glossary

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. • 12:00 wheelie A wheelie past that balance point of the bike. The back brake must be used here to keep the bike from flipping. people who ride 12:00s commonly scrape the taillight while riding the wheelie.

    • 180 endo Doing an endo and turning the bike around with the back tire still in the air so the endo is landed facing the opposite way it started. Turning it 180 degrees.

    • 360 Wheelie Doing a wheelie and riding it in a circle. It is a slow wheelie can be done using usually one or two traffic lanes on a road or a parking lot.

    • Acid Drop Doing an endo off of a drop off like a curb.

    • Apehanger Doing a 12:00 wheelie you stand the bike straight up and hit the taillight. While the bike is scraping along like that you jump off of the bike and let your legs drag behind it while holding on the the handle bars. Then you do a pull-up and ride the bike away.

    • Balanace Point When riding a wheelie there is a point where the bike stops accelerating and you can continue on doing the wheelie with no gain in speed. This is the balance point where your bike is perfectly balanced.
    • Ball-up To crack while riding a bike generally while stunting.

    • Boston Strangler s

    • BW / Curb Monkey A female who follows the bikers around on rides, hang-outs, parties, etc. The females are usually easy and get "passed around" the group of guys. They often go for the most popular guy at the time, or the one with the nicest bike, or sometimes just any guy with a bike. BW stands for Bike Whore. s
    • Can-Can A stand-up wheelie where you take one leg and cross it over in front of your body to the opposite side of the bike.

    • Christ / Christ Air To stand up on your moving bike. Mostly on the tank, and sometimes on the seat or passenger seat. It is called a "Christ" because you generally extend your arms while standing on the bike to resemble Christ on the cross.

    • Coffin
    • Combination It is a term used when you do a variety of tricks within one wheelie, endo, or burnout. For example, you so a standup wheelie, jump to the tank and do and iron cross, then do a heel clicker, back on to the seat and do a flamingo... That is a combination wheelie.
    • s
    • Crossed-up 1. Also see highchair. This is when you sit on your gas tank and put your feet over the windshield. A crossed-up wheelie, or endo, or crossed-up donuts.
    • 2. Some say that a crossed-up trick is when you do a highchair and cross your legs.
    • 3. When you do an endo and your arms are "crossed-up" meaning right hand on clutch and left hand on brake.

    • Crunchy Crunchy is equivalent to having a broken bike. When you crack and break your plastics your plastics are now considered "crunchy".
    • eg. "Wow that guys rides a crunchy piece too!"

    • Donuts When doing a burnout you spin in a circle. This is what causes all the pretty black circles in the roads.

    • Duct Tape One of the stunters favorite repair tools. When you "crunchify" your bike, duct tape will keep you riding until you can get another replacement part.
    • Endo To apply the front brakes while moving and bring the back tire off the ground. A rolling endo is when you roll an endo out over a distance.

    • Fender Grab While doing a wheelie, endo or burnout some riders will reach over their front fairing and grab their front fender.

    • Flamingo While doing a wheelie you stand up onto your seat and bring one leg straight behind you.

    • Frog Wheelie This is when you do a wheelie while standing on the gas tank. s

    • Furred Out Often stunters do not want to repaint their bikes often so they just cover them with fur to hide any imperfections. This also acts like duct tape and holds broken plastics together.

    • Handstand While riding your bike down the road you do a handstand on the moving motorcycle.

    • Highchair See crossed up. This is when you sit on your gas tank and put your feet over the windshield. Generally its a highchair wheelie but sometimes is also used to reference a highchair endo or sitting highchair while doing donuts.

    • Iron Cross See tank wheelie. This is when you sit on your gas tank and do a wheelie with your legs spread out like you are doing the splits.

    • Leap Of Death See leap of faith.

    • Leap of Faith To jump from your seat to your gas tank while riding a moving bike.

    • Loop or Looping To flip your bike over backwards while doing a wheelie and crash.

    • Nac-Nac

    • No Footed Can-Can
    • Darius
    • like in freestyle motocross, it's just a can can and then you get on the side of the tank and lift your other foot off, when I do them I wiggle my feet kinda like a airwalk, I can do them both ways in a combo and then to whatever else like a flamingo or tank wheelie.
    • Over Bars See highchair or crossed-up. This is when you sit on your gas tank and put your feet over the windshield. A over bars wheelie, or endo, or over bars donuts.

    • Passenger Peg Wheelie To do a wheelie while standing on your passenger pegs.

    • Rolling Burnout To do a burnout with your feet off the ground and keep rolling in a straight line.
    • Sally
    • Scrape Bar See wheelie bar. A bar you install on the rear of your bike to allow you to scrape your tail doing a 12:00 wheelie without ruining your tail plastics or taillight. Also known as a wheelie bar or park bar.
    • See-Saw Doing a combination of a wheelie, endo, wheelie, endo... all in one fluid motion.
    • Skitching When you are riding a moving bike and get off the side or back of the bike with your feet on the ground. Much like skiing.

    • Spinderella

    • Squid
    • Stand-up See standie. This is when you stand on your pegs while riding a wheelie.

    • Standie See stand-up. A stort name for a stand-up wheelie. This is when you stand on your pegs while riding a wheelie.

    • Stoppie See endo. To apply the front brakes while coming to a stop, the back tire is lifted off the ground.

    • Suicide Burnout You stand in front of your unmanned motorcycle facing it and do a burnout. It is called suicide because if you mess up the bike will launch right into you!

    • Superman To lay down on the bike with your legs on the passenger seat and your feet hanging off teh back of the bike.
    • Switchback While riding your motorcycle you turn around and ride backwards.
    • Switchfoot Wheelie To sit backwards on the bike and do a wheelie.
    • Tank Slapper
    • Tank Wheelie See iron cross. This is when you sit on your gas tank and do a wheelie with your legs spread out like you are doing the splits.

    • Transfer A transfer is to move from one place to another while ridinig a wheelie. Like to transfer from the pegs to the seat. (from a stand-up to a flamingo)
    • Wheelie To use the bike's motor to bring the front tire off of the ground.
    • Wheelie Bar A bar for the back of the bike to protect the taillight from being smashed. Also a park bar is used when you leave the bike "parked" on the tail after a 12:00 wheelie.
    • Wire Ties What you use when a zip tie is not located easily.
    • Zip Tie A Stunt riders best friend. There can be used to hold on broken fairings, headlight, tail light, subframe, etc etc anything that breaks.
  2. :lol: Yeah, I like the apehanger. Let's see that one !!


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    I've got to add one:

    "Cornering" - This is what those of us who actually ride outside of a parking lot enjoy doing.
  4. haha yeah where is the twisties definition.