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motorcycle title?

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by satirane, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. so i bought a 02 honda f4i...with out a title....ran the vin before to make sure it wasnt stolen.....and i wasnt going to ride it on the streets so i didn't really care at the time. but now i want to make it street legal and thus need a title. it has perm registration from montana and i got the license plate from the owner with the title still on the bike. i don't know his name. do you guys know how to either find his name so i can try to get a hold of him or can i somehow apply for a lost title without a the actual owner. the moscow dmv keeps telling me that the way i obtained the bike was fraud. bill of sales i guess is somehow fraud....not sure why tho.... so i guess my main question is how do i obtain a title for bike that is registrd and titled in montana?
  2. Um...don't buy a bike from someone without proper documentation? But, since we're past that point...

    Try filling this out, mailing it off, and see where that gets you. This might even work if you can supply the details and get a signature. You'll also need the legal owner to fill this out. If you can legally get a Montana title and release of interest from the original owner, you can then transfer it to Idaho.

    Until you get a signed release of interest from the actual legal owner (which you aren't), or a time based legal waiver (usually 6 months to two years), Idaho won't do a thing. It's fraud because you have no legally recognized proof of ownership, therefore you can't apply for a title.

    No, a bill of sale means nothing...especially if the guy you "bought" it from isn't the legal owner.

    Yes, it's going to cost money, and take some time. No, there isn't an easier or less expensive way to do it. Sorry, but it looks like that bike isn't gonna see the road anytime soon...
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  3. I have to agree with Johnny on this one. The purpose of a title is to keep track of ownership. If a title exists in anyone elses name, they still own it until they release interest in the bike.

    If you don't want to go through the paperwork, I would tend to go one of three ways:
    1) Make it in to a track bike.
    2) Buy another F4i frame (with title) and transfer over everything on to the new frame.
    3) Sell it to someone who wants a track bike (I may know someone...)
  4. I'm in the same boat. Bought a track bike without a title in Wa. I am in the process of going through the steps. I have a little harder of a situation than you, being that i cant read the VIN on the bike and lost the bill of sale. I got ahold of the Cda Motor Vehicle Investigators ( 2087721261 ), I'm not sure if you have one over there, but theres their number and maybe they can give you a local number. I'm pretty sure they can help you with your situation. The DMVs makes you run in circles.
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  5. yup.... never thought the bike would see the streets when i bought i didn't care about getting a title it was just going to be a stunt bike......after fixing a few things on it i realized i dont want to just trash it as originally planned....

    i was just hoping for a short cut to getting a title...but i guess like most things in life gotta do it the hard long way.

  6. thanks. i'll have to go that route if montana DMV won't release the title information, provided we have investigators in the area. are they pretty spendy?
  7. I'm not sure yet. But they found my VIN and i have a appointment with them on Thursday so they can match some other numbers on the bike (something like that) and all that was free. But i told them i built the bike and they were talking about me paying interest on what the bike would be worth, dont quote me on that but it was in the conversation somewhere on things i may have to do to obtain a title. But if it cost to much, its not getting titled. I just wanted something to prove it was mine.
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